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Complaint For Possession After Land Contract Forfeiture {DC 103} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Michigan

Complaint For Possession After Land Contract Forfeiture {DC 103}

This is a Michigan form that can be used for Landlord Tenant And Land Contract within Statewide.

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The plaintiff states:1.Attached to this complaint is a copy of the land contract and a copy of the forfeiture notice showing when and how it was served.the sellerthe purchaserassignee of the sellerassignee of the purchaserland contract described in the attached forfeiture notice and is in possession of the land described in the notice.3.The plaintiff has a right to recover possession of the property fora.nonpayment of money required to be paid under the contract:Original selling price$Last paymentPrincipal balance due$Interest at % paid toTotal amount in arrears$b.material breach of contract in violation of the terms of the contract as follows:4.The land contract was forfeited in accordance with the terms of the land contract.5.The plaintiff asks for a judgment of possession and costs and asks the court to issue an eviction order according to law.6.There is no other pending or resolved civil action arising out of the same transaction or occurrence alleged in this complaint.7.A civil action between these parties or other parties arising out of the transaction or occurrence alleged in this complainthas been previously filed inCourt. The docket number and assigned judge are:The actionremainsis no longerpending.DC 103 (3/11) COMPLAINT FOR POSSESSION AFTER LAND CONTRACT FORFEITURE Court addressCourt telephone no. STATE OF MICHIGANJUDICIAL DISTRICTCASE NO. vApproved, SCAO Original - Court1st copy - Defendant2nd copy - PlaintiffCOMPLAINT FOR POSSESSIONAFTER LAND CONTRACT FORFEITUREMCL 600.5726, MCL 600.5739,MCR 2.113(C), MCR 4.202(D)2.The plaintiff is and the defendant isin a certain Explain. (If a money award is being sought for damages, complete the supplemental complaint below.) DateDefendant name(s) and address(es)Plaintiff name(s), address(es), and telephone no(s).Plaintiff's attorney, bar no., address, and telephone no.DateDate Plaintiff/Attorney signature SUPPLEMENTAL COMPLAINT 8.(If applicable.) Complaint is made and judgment is sought for money damages against the defendant as follows: (Specifydamages pursuant to MCL 600.5739.) American LegalNet, Inc.

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