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Trustees Intent To Abandon Property {11} | Pdf Docx | Virginia

Trustees Intent To Abandon Property {11}

This is a Virginia form that can be used for USBC Western within Federal.

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FORM 11 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA IN RE: CHAPTER 7 CASE NO. Trustees Intent to Abandon Property The under signed trustee reports that the above debtors estate includes the below listed property. The propertyis encumbered by a valid security interest which renders the property as being of insignificant equity value to the estate,and/or burdensome to the estate, and/or not encumbered by any valid security interest but of insignificant equity valueto the estate. The trustee hereby intends to abandon any interest in the property. Absent any written objection by any partyin interest, properly filed within fifteen (15) days of the date that this proposed intent to abandon property is certifiedas being filed with the Clerk of the Court, and noticed to all parties pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 6007, the property shallbe deemed abandoned pursuant to Section 554(a) of the Bankruptcy Code without further proceeding or order of theCourt. Description of Property:_______________________________________________________________________ Estimated Value: $__________________ Amount Secured: $____________________ This abandonment is not in lieu of filing a proof of claim and does not give the creditor relief from the automaticstay imposed by Section 362 of the Bankruptcy code. Creditors desiring such relief should contact their attorney. ____________________________________________ Trustee ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ******INSTRUCTIONS TO CREDITOR****** The trustee is under no obligation to abandon property at this time and has the option to have the propertydeemed abandoned at the closing of the case pursuant to Section 554(c) of the Bankruptcy Code. The trustee by agreeingto sign the above proposed intent to abandon is acting only to accommodate the secured creditors request to abandon.In consideration of the trustee abandoning the property at this time, the creditor requesting the abandonment will filethe original of this document with the Clerk of Court, and properly notice all creditors, the debtor, debtors attorney,and any other party required to be noticed pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 6007. The failure to give proper notice couldresult in this abandonment not being effective. 1) The original of this Form is to be completed by the creditor and forwarded to the trustee with evidence of security attached. 2) A stamped envelope with the creditors name and address on it for return to the creditor must also be provided or the trustee will not act. 3) Upon receipt back from the trustee, the creditor is to sign the certification below, make the appropriate number of copies for service, file the original with the Clerk of Court, and serve the necessary parties. The use of this form is not mandatory or suggested. Creditors may proceed under any remedy provided in theBankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CERTIFICATE OF FILING AND SERVICE This is to certify that the original Intent to Abandon wasp roperly filed with the Clerk of Court on the date belowand a true copy mailed to the debtor, debtors attorney, and all other parties required to be noticed pursuant toBankruptcy Rule 6007. Date: ________________ _________________________________________________________ (Authorized Signature) _________________________________________________________ Printed Name of Secured Creditor **** * If name of secured creditor is not printed legibly the Office of the Clerk will be unable to process this abandonment. 9/93 g.21 2000 (C) American LegalNet, Inc.

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