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Claim For Damage Injury Or Death {SF-95} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Claim For Damage Injury Or Death {SF-95}

This is a Official Federal Forms form that can be used for Civil Division within US Department Of Justice.

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CLAIM FOR DAMAGE, INJURY, OR DEATH 1. Submit to Appropriate Federal Agency: INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully the instructions on the reverse side and supply information requested on both sides of this form. Use additional sheet(s) if necessary. See reverse side for additional instructions. FORM APPROVED OMB NO. 1105-0008 2. Name, address of claimant, and claimant's personal representative if any. (See instructions on reverse). Number, Street, City, State and Zip code. 3. TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT MILITARY CIVILIAN 4. DATE OF BIRTH 5. MARITAL STATUS 6. DATE AND DAY OF ACCIDENT 7. TIME (A.M. OR P.M.) 8. BASIS OF CLAIM (State in detail the known facts and circumstances attending the damage, injury, or death, identifying persons and property involved, the place of occurrence and the cause thereof. Use additional pages if necessary). 9. PROPERTY DAMAGE NAME AND ADDRESS OF OWNER, IF OTHER THAN CLAIMANT (Number, Street, City, State, and Zip Code). BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE PROPERTY, NATURE AND EXTENT OF THE DAMAGE AND THE LOCATION OF WHERE THE PROPERTY MAY BE INSPECTED. (See instructions on reverse side). 10. PERSONAL INJURY/WRONGFUL DEATH STATE THE NATURE AND EXTENT OF EACH INJURY OR CAUSE OF DEATH, WHICH FORMS THE BASIS OF THE CLAIM. IF OTHER THAN CLAIMANT, STATE THE NAME OF THE INJURED PERSON OR DECEDENT. 11. NAME WITNESSES ADDRESS (Number, Street, City, State, and Zip Code) 12. (See instructions on reverse). 12a. PROPERTY DAMAGE 12b. PERSONAL INJURY AMOUNT OF CLAIM (in dollars) 12c. WRONGFUL DEATH 12d. TOTAL (Failure to specify may cause forfeiture of your rights). I CERTIFY THAT THE AMOUNT OF CLAIM COVERS ONLY DAMAGES AND INJURIES CAUSED BY THE INCIDENT ABOVE AND AGREE TO ACCEPT SAID AMOUNT IN FULL SATISFACTION AND FINAL SETTLEMENT OF THIS CLAIM. 13a. SIGNATURE OF CLAIMANT (See instructions on reverse side). 13b. PHONE NUMBER OF PERSON SIGNING FORM 14. DATE OF SIGNATURE CIVIL PENALTY FOR PRESENTING FRAUDULENT CLAIM CRIMINAL PENALTY FOR PRESENTING FRAUDULENT CLAIM OR MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS Fine, imprisonment, or both. (See 18 U.S.C. 287, 1001.) The claimant is liable to the United States Government for a civil penalty of not less than $5,000 and not more than $10,000, plus 3 times the amount of damages sustained by the Government. (See 31 U.S.C. 3729). Authorized for Local Reproduction Previous Edition is not Usable 95-109 NSN 7540-00-634-4046 STANDARD FORM 95 (REV. 2/2007) PRESCRIBED BY DEPT. OF JUSTICE 28 CFR 14.2 American LegalNet, Inc. INSURANCE COVERAGE In order that subrogation claims may be adjudicated, it is essential that the claimant provide the following information regarding the insurance coverage of the vehicle or property. 15. Do you carry accident Insurance? Yes If yes, give name and address of insurance company (Number, Street, City, State, and Zip Code) and policy number. No 16. Have you filed a claim with your insurance carrier in this instance, and if so, is it full coverage or deductible? Yes No 17. If deductible, state amount. 18. If a claim has been filed with your carrier, what action has your insurer taken or proposed to take with reference to your claim? (It is necessary that you ascertain these facts). 19. Do you carry public liability and property damage insurance? Yes If yes, give name and address of insurance carrier (Number, Street, City, State, and Zip Code). No INSTRUCTIONS Claims presented under the Federal Tort Claims Act should be submitted directly to the "appropriate Federal agency" whose employee(s) was involved in the incident. If the incident involves more than one claimant, each claimant should submit a separate claim form. Complete all items - Insert the word NONE where applicable. A CLAIM SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN PRESENTED WHEN A FEDERAL AGENCY RECEIVES FROM A CLAIMANT, HIS DULY AUTHORIZED AGENT, OR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE, AN EXECUTED STANDARD FORM 95 OR OTHER WRITTEN NOTIFICATION OF AN INCIDENT, ACCOMPANIED BY A CLAIM FOR MONEY DAMAGES IN A SUM CERTAIN FOR INJURY TO OR LOSS OF PROPERTY, PERSONAL INJURY, OR DEATH ALLEGED TO HAVE OCCURRED BY REASON OF THE INCIDENT. THE CLAIM MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE APPROPRIATE FEDERAL AGENCY WITHIN TWO YEARS AFTER THE CLAIM ACCRUES. Failure to completely execute this form or to supply the requested material within two years from the date the claim accrued may render your claim invalid. A claim is deemed presented when it is received by the appropriate agency, not when it is mailed. If instruction is needed in completing this form, the agency listed in item #1 on the reverse side may be contacted. Complete regulations pertaining to claims asserted under the Federal Tort Claims Act can be found in Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 14. Many agencies have published supplementing regulations. If more than one agency is involved, please state each agency. The claim may be filled by a duly authorized agent or other legal representative, provided evidence satisfactory to the Government is submitted with the claim establishing express authority to act for the claimant. A claim presented by an agent or legal representative must be presented in the name of the claimant. If the claim is signed by the agent or legal representative, it must show the title or legal capacity of the person signing and be accompanied by evidence of his/her authority to present a claim on behalf of the claimant as agent, executor, administrator, parent, guardian or other representative. If claimant intends to file for both personal injury and property damage, the amount for each must be shown in item number 12 of this form. The amount claimed should be substantiated by competent evidence as follows: (a) In support of the claim for personal injury or death, the claimant should submit a written report by the attending physician, showing the nature and extent of the injury, the nature and extent of treatment, the degree of permanent disability, if any, the prognosis, and the period of hospitalization, or incapacitation, attaching itemized bills for medical, hospital, or burial expenses actually incurred. (b) In support of claims for damage to property, which has been or can be economically repaired, the claimant should submit at least two itemized signed statements or estimates by reliable, disinterested concerns, or, if payment has been made, the itemized signed receipts evidencing payment. (c) In support of claims for damage to property which is not economically repairable, or if the property is lost or destroyed,

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