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Application To Settle A Minors Claim {22.0} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Ohio

Application To Settle A Minors Claim {22.0}

This is a Ohio form that can be used for Minors Claim within County (Court Of Common Pleas), Butler, Probate.

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<document>PROBATE COURT OF BUTLER COUNTY, OHIOIN THE MATTER OFCASE NO.APPLICATION TO SETTLE A MINOR'S CLAIM [RC 2111.05, R.C. 2111.18, SUP. R. 67 and 68][Check applicable boxes, complete applicable blanks, strike inapplicable language, and attach supporting documentation.]The applicant states that:, is an unemancipated minor, born,, residing atin this county who on or about,suffered personal injury (and damage to thisminor's property) by wrongful act, neglect, or default that entitles this minor to maintain an action to recover damages. A copy of the birth certificate is attached. Attached is a narrative statement in support of the proffered settlement setting forth a description of the occurrence, the injury or damage, the treatment progress and current prognosis by the treating physicians, and other proposed or actual settlements resulting from the same occurrence being paid to persons other than this minor. Counsel will advise at the hearing as to liability and collectability.There is no legal guardian of the estate, and the Court may authorize the settlement without the appointment of a the legal guardian of the estate. Case No. is (are) the parent.and natural guardianis the person by whom the minor is maintained.There is a (full) (partial) settlement offer of $without suit being filed.There is a (full) (partial) settlement offer of $after suit was filed; thestyle of the case, court, and case number being.The proffered settlement should be approved. Unreimbursed medical and other expenses of $have been incurred. Attached isa list of such expenses and proposed payees. A reasonable attorney fee for the attorney's services is $and reimbursement tothe attorney for suit expenses is $A copy of the attorney's fee contract that.has (has not) received prior approval of this Court, subject to modification, and an itemization of suit expenses are attached.10/1/98 AND ENTRY SETTING HEARINGFORM 22.0 -APPLICATION TO SETTLE A MINOR'S CLAIM2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.The parent,, claim $for damages on account of loss of service of this minor and that claim is included in this settlement offer. This is a structured settlement. All necessary documents, including a statement of the present value of the settlement, are filed herewith. The applicant requests that:The Court authorize the applicant to execute a release which shall be effective upon payment of the settlement. The Court order payment of the above expenses and order that the net amount of $for the benefit of the minor be:Deposited in the name of the minor with,a financial institution, and not to be released until the minor attains the age of majority or upon further order of this Court. Delivered to the legal guardian. Delivered to, parentand natural guardian.Delivered to, the person bywhom the minor is maintained. Structured as set forth in the attached documents.Supplemental forms required by local rule of Court are attached.Attorney for ApplicantApplicantTyped or Printed NameTyped or Printed NameAddressAddressPhone Number (include area code)Phone Number (include area code)Attorney Registration No.ENTRY SETTING HEARING AND ORDERING NOTICEThe Court sets.m. as the date and time for hearing theo'clock, atabove application and orders notice to be given by the applicant, as provided in the Rules of Civil Procedure, to the parents who have not waived notice and (further orders that the minor and parentattend the hearing.)Probate Judge2001 © American LegalNet, Inc.</document>

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