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Criminal Cases Order Form {NAFT 92} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Official Federal Forms

Last updated: 3/30/2016

Criminal Cases Order Form {NAFT 92}

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NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION CRIMINAL CASES ­ ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS Expedite your order; submit it online at: We receive orders more quickly when you submit them online. We will send you an email confirming that we have your request and you will be able to track the order online at no additional cost. Copy Packages Available Pre-Selected Documents: Includes the following documents, to the extent that they are contained in the case file: Judgment, Commitment or Probation/Commitment Order or Sentence, Indictment. No substitutions will be made for these documents. Entire Case File: Includes all documents in a case file. Docket Sheet: A list of documents filed in a criminal case action; an outline of the case. Certification: A seal certifying copies to be a valid reproduction of the file. This is available for an additional charge of $15.00 for all packages delivered by mail or express shipping. A package may contain a maximum of 150 pages. Each additional 150 pages or part thereof requires an additional certification at an additional charge of $15.00. Certification for faxed and scanned copies is not available. Instructions How to Order Use a separate NATF Form 92 for each file that you request. Steps 1-6 must be completed on the order form to perform a search for the file. Steps 1-6 begin on page 2. Provide the case number, transfer number, and box number for the file that you request. You must obtain this information from the Court where the case was filed. Please discard this instruction sheet; only return the order form on page 2. Payment When paying by check or money order for your request, a separate payment is required for each individual request. Make your check or money order payable to: National Archives Trust Fund (NATF). If paying by credit card, you may fax your request form to the fax number provided in Step 1. Please do not send credit card information via email. The Entire Case File option in Step 2 includes up to the first 150 pages. Copies of additional pages are subject to an additional labor charge of $22.00 per 15 minutes of work done. You will be notified of any additional labor charges before they are incurred. Delivery Allow 1-3 work days from receipt of payment for processing your order. In addition to photocopies, orders can be faxed and/or scanned. Faxed and scanned orders cannot be certified. A valid email address is necessary for electronic transfer via secure FTP site. Download speeds will vary based upon file size and your internet connection. Orders can be sent by overnight delivery at an additional charge. Requests may be returned if the necessary information is not supplied or if the credit card is declined. Please note that contents of recent cases may be in both electronic and paper form. If NARA cannot provide the documents you requested, we will refer you to the Court that adjudicated the case. Additional information may be found online: Privacy Act Statement Collection of this information is authorized by 44 U.S.C. 2108. Disclosure of the information is voluntary; however, we will be unable to respond to your request if you do not furnish your name and address and the minimum required information about the records. The information is used by NARA employees to search for the record; to respond to you; to maintain control over information requests received and answered; and to facilitate preparation of internal statistical reports. If you provide credit card information, that information is used to bill you for copies. NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. NATF FORM 92 (10-15) NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION CRIMINAL CASES ­ ORDER FORM Save time by ordering online: STEP 1. SELECT THE STATE WHERE THE COURT CASE WAS FILED (select only one) MAKE A SELECTION FROM THE MENU BELOW ADDRESS TO SEND COMPLETED FORM STEP 2. SELECT COPY PACKAGE (select only one) Copy Package ­ Not Certified Pre-Selected Documents -- $35.00 Entire Case File -- $90.00 (150 page maximum) Docket Sheet -- $35.00 Copy Package ­ Certified **Certification for faxed, scanned, & electronic transfer copies is not available** Pre-Selected Documents Certified -- $50.00 Entire Case File Certified -- $105.00 ($15.00 per additional 150 pages or part thereof) Docket Sheet -- $50.00 STEP 3. CASE INFORMATION (obtain from the court in which the case was filed) COURT LOCATION (city & state) CASE NAME(S) CASE NUMBER TRANSFER NUMBER BOX NUMBER STEP 4. DELIVERY OPTIONS (if no selection is made, paper copies will be delivered via mail) DELIVERY METHOD: (select one) EXPEDITED DELIVERY: (optional, select one) Paper Copies by Mail Fax Scanned on CD/DVD by Mail Electronic Transfer via Secure FTP Site STEP 5. YOUR DELIVERY INFORMATION NAME (or send to the attention of) Overnight express (additional $30.00) Charge FedEx Account Charge UPS Account DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER (required) ADDRESS LINE 1 ALTERNATE TELEPHONE NUMBER (preferred) ADDRESS LINE 2 FAX NUMBER CITY STATE ZIP CODE EMAIL ADDRESS (for delivery by electronic transfer) STEP 6. YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION Credit Card (please do not send credit card information via email) CARD TYPE Check or Money Order Make your check or money order payable to: National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) Mail your request with payment to the address shown in Step 1. VISA ACCOUNT NUMBER MasterCard American Express Discover EXPIRATION DATE (MM/YYYY) NAME ON CARD 3 OR 4 DIGIT SECURITY CODE (CVV) SIGNATURE (Order cannot be processed without a signature unless the 3 or 4 digit security code is provided above) NARA USE ONLY RESEARCHER DATE (DD/MM/YYYY) PAYMENT PAID CHECK # REMARKS REVIEW ­ DATE TIME NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION Page 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. NATF FORM 92 (10-15)

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