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Eviction Notice {NHJB-3041-D} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | New Hampshire

Eviction Notice {NHJB-3041-D}

This is a New Hampshire form that can be used for Landlord Tenant within Statewide, District Division.

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NHJB-3041-D (07/24/2018) EVICTION NOTICE TO: Tenant Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code You currently rent property located at: Street Address Apartment # Town/City from your landlord: of the City of , in New Hampshire. This notice is to inform you of your landlord222s intent to evict you and to request that you vacate the premises, on or before (known as the expiration date). The reason for this eviction is: (NOTE: All applicable reasons for eviction may be checked but the above listed expiration date must comply with the notice requirements set forth in RSA 540:3 II; the time frame for eviction notices may vary depending upon the reason for eviction.) Your failure to pay the rent that was due and in arrears when you received the Demand for Rent that was served on you on . You failed to pay rent due for the rent period of . You now owe $ in back rent. (7 day notice is required) You have a right to avoid this eviction by payment of the full amount due (see above) plus fifteen dollars ($15.00). Payment must be made before the expiration date (see date above) in accordance with RSA 540:9. However, you may not avoid an eviction for non-payment of rent by paying the arrearages plus $15.00 after an Eviction Notice is given more than three (3) times in any twelve-month period. You may apply for rental assistance at your town/city welfare office if you are a qualified residential tenant. Substantial damage done to the rental property as follows: (RSA 540:2 II (b)) 226 (7 day notice is required) Your failure to comply with a material term of the lease as follows: (RSA 540:2 II (c)) 226 (30 day notice is required) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com EVICTION NOTICE: (Tenant name) NHJB-3041-D (07/24/2018) The following behavior by you or members of your family which adversely affects the health or safety of the other tenants or the landlord: (RSA 540:2 II (d)) 226 (7 day notice is required) For the following other good cause: (RSA 540:2 II (e), RSA 540:2 III, RSA 540:2 IV, or RSA 540:2 V) 226 (30 day notice is required) For other statutorily authorized cause as follows: (Identify specific reason and statutory authority 226 for example RSA 540:2, II(f) regarding lead exposure-hazard abatements, or RSA 540:2 II(g) regarding preparing a unit for remediation of insects or rodents) 226 (30 day notice is required.) NOTE: This notice is not a court order requiring you to vacate the rental property. However, if you remain on the premises after the expiration of this notice, your landlord may continue with New Hampshire222s lawful eviction process: That process would result in you being served by a sheriff with a summons called a Landlord and Tenant Writ. If served with a Landlord and Tenant Writ, you will have the right to dispute the reason(s) for the eviction at a hearing before a judge. To do that, you will have to file a document called an Appearance with the court where the eviction case is filed, no later than the 223return date224 listed on the Writ. Landlord/Agent Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code Date Signature I certify that on , at am pm, I gave in hand to left at the last and usual place of abode of , above named, a true copy of the above original notice. Date Signature American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com

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