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Transfer Of Appointment {CTA-T} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Texas

Transfer Of Appointment {CTA-T}

This is a Texas form that can be used for Ethics Commission within Statewide.

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Revised 9/12/2017 Forms provided by Texas Ethics TEXAS ETHICS COMMISSION OFFICE USE ONLY HD / PM DATE PROCESSED FILER NAMEFILER ID # I have requested a certified copy of my current campaign treasurer appointment on filewith the (previous filing authority). I amtransferring my treasurer appointment to the following authority: DateSignature of filerOffice soughtNew filing authoritySee the back for text of Section 252.010, Election Code, Transfer of AppointmentFORM CTA-T American LegalNet, Inc. Revised 9/12/2017 Forms provided by Texas Ethics www.ethics.state.tx.usTRANSFER OF APPOINTMENT(a) If a candidate who has filed a campaign treasurer appointment decidesto seek a different office that would require the appointment to befiled with another authority, a copy of the appointment certified by theauthority with whom it was originally filed must be filed with the otherauthority in addition to the new campaign treasurer appointment.(b) The original appointment terminates on the filing of the copy with theappropriate authority or on the 10th day after the date the decision toseek a different office is made, whichever is earlier.Elec. Code 247 252.010 American LegalNet, Inc.

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