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Chapter 13 Plan {13-4}

This is a Washington form that can be used for USBC Western within Federal.

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UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON In re: Case No. CHAPTER 13 PLAN __Original __Amended Date: ___________________ Debtor(s). I. Means Test Result: Debtor is (check one): _____ a below median income debtor with a 36 month applicable commitment period _____ an above median income debtor with a 60 month applicable commitment period II. Plan Payments: No later than 30 days after the filing of the plan or the order for relief, whichever date is earlier, the debtor will commence making payments to the Trustee as follows: A. AMOUNT: $ ________ B. FREQUENCY (check one): _____ Monthly _____ Twice per month _____ Every two weeks _____ Weekly C. TAX REFUNDS: Debtor (check one): ___ COMMITS; ___ DOES NOT COMMIT; all tax refunds to funding the plan. Committed refunds shall be paid in addition to the plan payment stated above. If no selection is made, tax refunds are committed. D. PAYMENTS: Plan payments shall be deducted from the debtor's wages unless otherwise agreed to by the Trustee or ordered by the Court. E. OTHER: _________________________________________________________________________ III. Plan Duration: The plan's length shall not be less than the debtor's applicable commitment period as defined under 11 U.S.C. §§ 1322(d) and 1325(b)(4) unless the plan either provides for payment in full of allowed unsecured claims over a shorter period or is modified post-confirmation. A below median debtor's plan length shall automatically be extended up to 60 months after the first payment is due if necessary to complete the plan. IV. Distribution of Plan Payments: Upon confirmation, the Trustee shall disburse funds received in the following order and creditors shall apply them accordingly, PROVIDED THAT disbursements for domestic support obligations and federal taxes shall be applied according to applicable non-bankruptcy law: A. ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES: 1. Trustee. The percentage set pursuant to 28 USC §586(e). 2. Other administrative expenses. As allowed pursuant to 11 USC §§ 507(a)(2) or 707(b). 3. Attorney's Fees: Pre-confirmation attorney fees and/or costs and expenses are estimated to be $__________. $________ was paid prior to filing. To the extent pre-confirmation fees and/or costs and expenses exceed $3,500, an appropriate application, including a complete breakdown of time and costs, shall be filed with the Court within 21 days after confirmation. Approved attorney compensation shall be paid as follows (check one): a. ____ Prior to all creditors; b. ____ Monthly payments of $______; c.____ All remaining funds available after designated monthly payments to the following xxxxxx creditors: _______________________________________________________________. d. ____ Other: . If no selection is made, fees will be paid after monthly payments specified in Sections IV.B and IV.C. [Local Bankruptcy Form 13-4, eff. 12/16] American LegalNet, Inc. B. CURRENT DOMESTIC SUPPORT OBLIGATION: Payments to creditors whose claims are filed and allowed pursuant to 11 USC § 502(a) or court order as follows (if left blank, no payments shall be made by the Trustee): Creditor _________________ _________________ Monthly amount $______ $______ C. SECURED CLAIMS: Payments will be made to creditors whose claims are filed and allowed pursuant to 11 USC § 502(a) or court order, as stated below. Unless ranked otherwise, payments to creditors will be disbursed at the same level. Secured creditors shall retain their liens until the payment of the underlying debt, determined under nonbankruptcy law, or discharge under 11 USC § 1328, as appropriate. Secured creditors, other than creditors holding long term obligations secured only by a security interest in real property that is the debtor's principal residence, will be paid the principal amount of their claim or the value of their collateral, whichever is less, plus per annum uncompounded interest on that amount from the petition filing date. Interest rate and monthly payment in the plan control unless a creditor timely files an objection to confirmation. If a creditor timely files a proof of claim for an interest rate lower than that proposed in the plan, the claim shall be paid at the lower rate. Value of collateral stated in the proof of claim controls unless otherwise ordered following timely objection to claim. The unsecured portion of any claim shall be paid as a nonpriority unsecured claim unless entitled to priority by law. Only creditors holding allowed secured claims specified below will receive payment from the Trustee. If the interest rate is left blank, the applicable interest rate shall be 12%. If overall plan payments are sufficient, the Trustee may increase or decrease post-petition installments for ongoing mortgage payments, homeowner's dues and/or real property tax holding accounts based on changes in interest rates, escrow amounts, dues and/or property taxes. 1. Continuing Payments on Claims Secured Only by Security Interest in Debtor's Principal Residence and Non-Escrowed Postpetition Property Tax Holding Account (Interest included in payments at contract rate, if applicable): Nature of Debt ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Property __________________ __________________ __________________ Monthly Payment $_____________ $_____________ $_____________ Rank ____ ____ ____ Creditor __________________ __________________ __________________ 2. Continuing Payments and Non-Escrowed Postpetition Property Tax Holding Account on Claims Secured by Other Real Property (Per annum interest as set forth below): Interest Monthly Payment Rate _______ ___% _______ ___% _______ ___% _______ ___% Rank ____ ____ ____ ____ Creditor ________ ________ ________ ________ Nature of Debt _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Property _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ 3. Cure Payments on Mortgage/Deed of Trust/Property Tax/Homeowner's Dues Arrearage: Periodic Payment $______ $______ $______ $______ Arrears to be Cured $_______ $_______ $_______ $_______ Interest Rate ___% ___% ___% ___% Rank ____ ____ ____ ____ Creditor _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ Property ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ [Local Bankruptcy Form 13-4, eff. 12/16] American LegalNet, Inc. 4. Payments on Claims Secured by Personal Property: a. 910 Collateral. The Tru

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