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Complaint For Absolute Divorce {CC-DR-20} | Pdf Fpdf Docx | Maryland

Complaint For Absolute Divorce {CC-DR-20}

This is a Maryland form that can be used for Divorce within Statewide, Circuit Court, Family Law, Domestic Relations (Pro-Se).

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TelephoneCOMPLAINT FOR ABSOLUTE DIVORCE(CC-DR-020)PlaintiffDefendant( )( )CityStateAreaCodeTelephoneCityStateZip CodeAreaCodevs.NameStreet AddressZip CodeNameStreet Address Apt #Apt #I,, representing myself, state that:Name1.The Defendant and I were married oninin a civil religious ceremony.MonthDayYearCity/County/State where Married2.Check all that apply:I have lived in Maryland since:Month/YearMy spouse has lived in Maryland since:Month/Year3.Check all that apply: (See paragraph 13)The grounds for divorce occurred in the State of Maryland.The grounds for divorce occurred outside the State of Maryland and I or my spouse have been aresident of the State of Maryland for at least six (6) months prior to the date of the filing of thisComplaint.4.Children (check one):We have no children together (skip paragraphs 6 through 10) orMy spouse and I are the parents of the following child(ren):NameDate of BirthNameDate of BirthNameDate of BirthNameDate of BirthNameDate of BirthNameDate of Birth5.I know of the following related cases concerning the child(ren) or parties (such as domestic violence/protective order, paternity, divorce, custody, visitation [child access], CINA, delinquency,termination of parental rights, adoption or other cases):Court Case No. Kind of Case Year Filed Results or Status (if you know) Page 1 of 5CC-DR-020 (Rev. 10/2017) CIRCUIT COURT FOR, MARYLANDCase No.City/CountyCourt AddressLocated at American LegalNet, Inc. visitation (child access or parenting time) with .primary physical custody of . StateCourtCase No. Date of Child Custody or Guardianship DeterminationAttach the most recent court order for the above-referenced court cases.I know of the following people, not parties to this case, who have physical custody of, or claimrights of legal custody or physical custody of, or visitation (child access) with the child(ren):NameNameNameCurrent AddressCurrent AddressCurrent AddressThe child(ren) currently live(s) at:AddressThe child(ren) has/have lived in Maryland for at least six (6) months ( yes no), and in thefollowing places, with the persons indicated during the last five (5) years: Time Period PlaceIt is in the best interest of the child(ren) that I have (check all that apply):jointName of Child(ren)jointName of Child(ren)solelegal custody (decision-making) of.Name of Child(ren)Page 2 of 5I have been a party, witness, or otherwise involved in the following cases about custody, CINA, Name(s)/Current Address of Person(s) with whom Child(ren) Livedguardianship, or visitation (child access) of the child(ren):with.NameI am seeking to establish child support and/or health insurance for the child(ren). You must fileeither a Child Support (short form) Financial Statement (Form CC-DR-030) or General(long form) Financial Statement (Form CC-DR-031).11.Child support has already been established for the child(ren) separate from the Complaint:in a separate court case, case the Office of Child Support Enforcement, case no..I am not requesting to establish child support and/or health insurance for the child(ren) at thistime because CC-DR-020 (Rev. 10/2017) Child support (check one): American LegalNet, Inc. Page 3 of 515.My grounds for an absolute divorce are (you may check more than one):Twelve (12) Month Separation - From on or about, my spouse and IMonth/Day/Yearhave lived separate and apart from each other in separate residences, without interruption,without sexual intercourse, for a period of 12 months or more before the date of filing of thisComplaint.13.Marital Property: (You do not have to complete paragraph 13 if you are not asking the court tomake decisions about your property. However if you choose not to, the court may be barred frommaking decisions about certain property and debts after a divorce has been granted.)House(s)Pension(s)/Retirement Account(s)Bank account(s) and investment(s)Family Use Personal PropertyOther:Motor VehiclesDebtsFurniture12.Alimony: I am am not seeking alimony, because.If you are seeking alimony you must file a General Financial Statement (Form CC-DR-031)with this Complaint.My spouse and/or I have the following property and debts that need to be divided (check all thatapply): you must file a General Financial Statement (Form CC-DR-031) with this Complaint.I'm requesting to have use and possession of the home and/or other property for the benefit of thechild(ren). My spouse and I have already reached an agreement about our marital property and debts ANDalimony (you must attach a copy of your signed written agreement to this Complaint).My spouse and I have no marital property or debts that need to be decided by the court.14.I am requesting to be restored to my former name.Print Full Former Name(If you do not request to be restored to your former name at this time, you may do so by a separaterequest within [but not longer than] 18 months after the date the clerk enters decree [judgment] ofabsolute divorce.)Adultery - My spouse committed adultery.Actual Desertion - On or about, my spouse deliberately, without justMonth/Day/Yearcause or reason abandoned and deserted me, with the intention of ending our marriage. Thisdesertion has continued without interruption for a period of 12 months or more before the dateof filing of this Complaint and there is no reasonable expectation we will reconcile (get backtogether).CC-DR-020 (Rev. 10/2017)Constructive Desertion - I left my spouse because his/her persistent conduct or cruel andvicious treatment toward me made the continuation of our marriage impossible, in order topreserve my health, safety, or self-respect. This conduct was the final and deliberate act of myspouse and our separation has continued without interruption for a period of 12 months or morebefore the date of filing of this Complaint, and there is no reasonable expectation we willreconcile (get back together). American LegalNet, Inc. Page 4 of 5Criminal Conviction of a Felony or Misdemeanor - On or about, myMonth/Day/Yearspouse was sentenced to serve at least three (3) years or an indeterminate sentence in a penalinstitution and has served 12 or more months of the sentence before the date of filing of thisComplaint.Cruelty/Excessively Vicious Conduct Against Me or my Minor Child(ren) - My spouse'scruel and excessively vicious conduct toward me and/or my minor child(ren) has made thecontinuation of the marital relationship impossible, and there is no reasonable expectation thatwe will reconcile (get back together).Insanity - On or about, my spouse was confined to a mental institution,Month/Day/Yearhospital, or other similar institution and has been confined for a period of at least three (3) yearsbefore the date of filing of this Complaint. Two (2) doctors competent in psychiatry will testifythat the insanity is incurable and there is no hope of recovery. My spouse or I have been aresident of Maryland for at least two (2) years before the filing of this complaint.FOR THESE REASONS, I request (check all that apply): An Absolute Divorce.JointPrimary physical custody of the minor child(ren).JointSolelegal custody (decision-making) of the minor child(ren).Visitation (child access or parenting time) with the minor child(ren).Child support (file Form CC-DR-030 OR CC-DR-031).Health insurance for the child(ren).Use and possession of the family home for up to three (3) years from the date of the divorce.Use and possession of the family use personal property for up to three (3) years from the date ofthe divorce.Transfer of family use personal property.xA change back to my former name:Print Full Former NameMy share of the property or its value.Transfer of the real property jointly owned by the parties located atfromtoMutual Consent - My spouse and I do not have any minor children in common. My spouseand I have a written settlement agreement resolving all issues relating to alimony and property,and we will both appear before the court for an absolute divorce hearing.Attach a copy of your written and signed agreement to this Complaint.005Alimony (file Form CC-DR-031).Property (check all that apply) (The following requests regarding

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