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Argument Confirmation

This is a Official Federal Forms form that can be used for 7th Circuit Court of Appeals within Circuit Court Of Appeals.

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United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit219 S. Dearborn Street - Room 2722Chicago, IL 60604Appeal No(s):Short Title:Argument Date:I will be presenting oral argument for:For Appellant/Petitioner:For Appellee/Respondent:Fill out one argument card per side:Attorney(s)*Party Name(s)AssignedMinutesRebuttal TimeAppellants Only*Note: If there are multiple attorneys arguing, please indicate the order and the amount oftime each attorney will be arguing.Circuit Rule 34(a) requires that counsel who will be presenting oral argument must notifythe Clerk of that fact. Therefore the names of such counsel must be listed above, and theform returned to the Clerk not later than five days before the argument. Please listthe names of all attorneys who will be presenting oral argument on your "side" of thisappeal. At the top of the form check whether those counsel represent theappellant/petitioner or the appellee/respondent. Attorneys who will present oral argumentcertify that they are admitted to practice in this Court and they have filed a DisclosureStatement pursuant to Circuit Rule 26.1.

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