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Statement Of Claim - Auto Accident | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Florida

Statement Of Claim - Auto Accident

This is a Florida form that can be used for Small Claims within Local County, Pinellas.

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COUNTY COURT, PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION UCN: ______________________________ Reference No.: ______________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Address: Plaintiff(s) vs. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Address: Defendant(s) STATEMENT OF CLAIM - AUTO ACCIDENT Plaintiff(s) sue(s) the Defendant(s) for damages which do not exceed $5,000.00, exclusive of costs, interest and attorney's fee (if appropriate) and allege(s): 1. On _________________________ , 20 ___ , Defendant(s) owned and/or operated a motor vehicle at ____________________________________________________________ , Pinellas County, Florida. (place) 2. At the time, the Defendant(s) negligently operated or maintained the motor vehicle so that a collision occurred between Plaintiff(s) _________________________________________________________ and Defendant(s) motor vehicle. (motor vehicle or property)Pr 3. As a result, Plaintiff(s), was/were injured and/or sustained damages to his/their motor vehicle/property. 4. Plaintiff(s) automobile is a ____________________________________________________________ (year, make, model of automobile) WHEREFORE, Plaintiff(s) demand judgment in the principal amount of $ _____________________ determined as follows: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ together with costs, interest and attorney's fee. STATE OF FLORIDA : COUNTY OF PINELLAS: ss. Plaintiff ____________________________________________________________________________ (Please print Plaintiff's/Plaintiffs' name exactly as it appears at top of form.) states/state that the foregoing is a just and true statement of the amount owed by Defendant(s) to Plaintiff(s) exclusive of all set-offs and just grounds of defense. Affiant states that Defendant(s) is/are not in the military service of the United States. _________________________________________________________ Signature of Attorney for Plaintiff(s) Address: ______________________________ ______________________________ _______________________________________________________ Telephone No. _____________________________________ SPN No. __________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Signature of all Plaintiff(s) or Company Representative __________________________________________________________ Print name of all Plaintiff(s) or Company Representative Telephone No. _____________________________ ___________________________________________________ Title (if applicable) Auto Accident SC 056 (Rev. 9/24/08) SC 056 9/24/08 American LegalNet, Inc.

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