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Trade And Service Marks - Registration {290}

This is a Oregon form that can be used for Trade And Service Marks within Secretary Of State, Business Registry.

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Trade and Service Marks - Registration Secretary of State - Corporation Division - 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151 - Salem, OR 97310-1327 - - Phone: (503) 986-2200 REGISTRY NUMBER: For office use only In accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 192.410-192.490, the information on this application is public record. We must release this information to all parties upon request. For office use only Please Type or Print Legibly in Black ink. Attach additional Sheets if Necessary. 1) CORRESPONDENT NAME: MAILING ADDRESS: 2) APPLICANT'S NAME: (Owner: Individual or Entity) ADDRESS: 3) IF THE APPLICANT IS AN ENTITY, ENTER THE STATE OF FORMATION: 4) IF ENTITY IS A PARTNERSHIP, LIST NAMES OF GENERAL PARTNERS: 5) DESCRIPTION OF TRADE OR SERVICE MARK: (Include all words, designs and borders that comprise the mark) (Attach additional page if needed.) 6) SPECIMEN OF MARK IS REQUIRED: Attach a drawing or photocopy of the mark as it is actually used to this application. 7) GOODS OR SERVICES WITH WHICH THE MARK IS USED: (Examples of goods are pizzas, shirts; examples of services are serving food and selling clothing.) 8) EXPLAIN MODE OR MANNER IN WHICH THE MARK IS USED: (Example: on goods, tags, labels, containers, etc.) 9) CLASS NUMBER(S) OF GOODS OR SERVICES: (See form 290-a) 10) DATE MARK WAS FIRST USED ANYWHERE BY APPLICANT OR APPLICANT'S PREDECESSOR IN INTEREST: 11) DATE MARK WAS FIRST USED IN OREGON BY APPLICANT OR APPLICANT'S PREDECESSOR IN INTEREST: 12) EXECUTION: I, the applicant, own the mark, the mark is in use, and no other person has registered the mark with the federal government or in Oregon or has the right to use the mark or a mark that so resembles the mark as to be likely to cause confusion or mistake or deceive when applied to the goods or services of the other person. I declare under penalties of perjury that this application is true, correct and complete. (If applicant is an entity, a member of a firm, officer of the corporation, officer of the limited liability company, or officer of an association must sign.) Signature: Title: Date: CONTACT NAME: (To resolve questions with this filing.) FEES Required Processing Fee $50 PHONE NUMBER: (Include area code.) Processing Fees are nonrefundable. Please make check payable to "Corporation Division." 290 - Trade and Service Marks - Registration (08/11) American LegalNet, Inc. Classes of Goods and Services GOODS 101 Chemical Products used in industry; Artificial & Synthetic Resins; Plastics in the Form of Powders, Liquids or Paste; Fertilizers; Tanning & Adhesive Substances. Paints, Varnishes & Lacquers; Coloring Matters & Natural Resins. 121 103 Laundry, Cleaning & Polishing Substances; Cleansing & Cosmetic Items; Perfumery & Essential Oils. Industrial Oils & Greases; Lubricants & Absorbing Compositions; Fuels & Illuminants. Pharmaceutical, Veterinary & Sanitary Substances; Infants' & Invalids Food; Bandaging Material; Dental Wax; Disinfectants & Weed Killers. Metal & Articles Made from Metal & Not included in Other Classes. Machines & Machine Tools; Motors (Except for Land Vehicles); Large Size Agricultural Implements; Incubators. Hand Tools & Cutlery 129 109 Scientific, Nautical, Surveying & Electrical Apparatus & Instruments; Photographic, Cinematographic, Optical, Lifesaving, & Teaching Apparatus; Cash Registers & Calculating Machines. Surgical, Medical, Dental & Veterinary Instruments & Apparatus. Installations for Lighting, Heating, Steam Generating, Cooking, Refrigerating, Drying, Ventilating, Water Supply & Sanitary Purposes. Vehicles. Firearms, Ammunitions, & Fireworks. Precious Metals & Jewelry. Musical Instruments & Supplies; Phonographs, Recording Tapes, Records, & Tape Recorders. Paper Articles & Bookbinding Materials; Printed Matter, Photographs & Stationary; Artists' Materials & Paint Brushes; Instructional & Teaching Material. 132 133 134 116 Meats; Fruits & Vegetables (Except Fresh); Dairy Products; Jams; Oils; Fats; Preserves & Pickles. Coffee, Tea, Cocoa & Coffee Substitutes; Rice, Tapioca, Sago, Flour, Cereals, Yeast, Baking Powder & Condiments, Breads, Pastry, Confectionary & Honey. Agricultural, Horticultural, Forestry Products & Grains not included in Other Classes; Living Animals, Plants & Flowers; Fruits, Vegetables & Seeds; Foodstuffs for Animals. Beer & Nonalcoholic Drinks. Wines, Spirits & Liqueurs. Tobacco & Smokers' Articles. 119 Building & Road Materials; Stone, Stone Products; Cement & Earthenware Pipes. Furniture, Mirrors, Picture Frames; Articles (not included in other Classes) of Wood, Wicker, Ivory, Shell, Substitutes for all These Materials, or of Plastics. Small Domestic Utensils & Containers; Combs, Sponges & Brushes (Other than Paint Brushes); Brush Making Materials; Glassware, Porcelain & Earthenware, not included in Other Classes. Ropes, String & Nets; Canvas Products & Stuffing Materials. Yarns & Threads. Bed & Table Covers; Textile Articles not included in Other Classes. Clothing & Footwear. Garment Decorations & Buttons. Floor Coverings & Non-textile Wall Hangings. Toys; Sporting Articles (Except Clothing); Decorations. 120 102 104 122 105 123 124 125 106 126 127 128 107 108 110 130 111 131 112 113 114 115 SERVICES 117 Plastics in the Form of Sheets, Blocks & Rods; Packing or Insulating Materials; Hose Pipes (Non-metallic). Leather, Imitations & Articles Made from Both & not included in Other Classes; Skins & Hides; Travel Gear, Umbrellas & Walking Sticks; Saddlery. 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 Advertising & Business. Insurance & Financial. Construction & Repair. Communication. Transportation & Storage. Material Treatment. Education & Entertainment. Miscellaneous. 118 290-a - Classes of Goods and Services - (08/11) American LegalNet, Inc.

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