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Rule To Show Cause (Indirect Civil Contempt) {174-256} | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Illinois

Rule To Show Cause (Indirect Civil Contempt) {174-256}

This is a Illinois form that can be used for Family Law within Local County, Lake.

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IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE NINETEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS ) ) _______________________________________ ) Petitioner, ) vs. ) ) ) _______________________________________ ) Respondent. ) Case No. Rule To Show Cause (Indirect Civil Contempt) This matter coming before the Court upon a Petition for a Rule to Show Cause, filed on due notice having been given, the following parties being present in open court: . Based on the verified petition filed herein, the Court finds that there is probable cause to believe that has willfully violated an order of this Court dated in that . IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AS FOLLOWS: 1. That Honorable , on the return date of , is hereby ordered to appear before the , 20 at M in courtroom , at 18 N. County Street, Waukegan, IL and show cause why he/she should not be held in Contempt of this Court and sentenced to jail until he/she complies with this Court's order. Failure to appear on the return date may result in the issuance of a writ of body attachment (Arrest). 2. This rule shall be served: a. By any method provided for by Supreme Court Rule 105(b). Notice by personal service shall be served not less than seven (7) days prior to the return date. b. If this section is checked, or if the case involves child support, by regular U.S. mail, not less than ten (10) days prior to the hearing, to the last known address. c. By acknowledgement of receipt of this order. 3. Proof of service of the Rule by an officer may be made by return as in the case of a summons. Otherwise, proof of service shall be by affidavit and shall be made part of the record. 4. Other Dated this day of , 20 Judge Prepared by: Name: Attorney for: Address: City/State/Zip: Telephone: Date 171-256 (R09/05) Receipt Acknowledged: American LegalNet, Inc.

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