Debtor In Possession Monthly Operating Report (Non-Business) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

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Debtor In Possession Monthly Operating Report (Non-Business) | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Last updated: 1/15/2018

Debtor In Possession Monthly Operating Report (Non-Business)

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UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE002 OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES TRUSTEE002 CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA002 In Re: CHAPTER 11 (NON-BUSINESS) Case Number: Operating Report Number: Debtor(s). For the Month Ending: I. CASH RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS A. (GENERAL ACCOUNT*) 1. TOTAL RECEIPTS PER ALL PRIOR GENERAL ACCOUNT REPORTS 2. LESS: TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS PER ALL PRIOR GENERAL ACCOUNT REPORTS 3. BEGINNING BALANCE: 0.00 4. RECEIPTS DURING CURRENT PERIOD: 5. BALANCE: 0.00 6. LESS: TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS DURING CURRENT PERIOD 0.00 7. ENDING BALANCE: 0.00 8. General Account Number(s): Depository Name & Location: * All receipts must be deposited into the general account.002 ** Include receipts from the sale of any real or personal property out of the ordinary course of business; attach an exhibit specifying what was sold, 002 to whom, terms, and date of Court Order or Report of Sale. ***This amount should be the same as the total from page 2. Page 1 of 8 American LegalNet, Inc. TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS FROM GENERAL ACCOUNT FOR CURRENT PERIOD002 Date mm/dd/yyyy Check Number Payee Purpose Amount TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS THIS PERIOD: 0.00 Page 2 of 8 American LegalNet, Inc. GENERAL ACCOUNT BANK RECONCILIATION Bank statement Date: Balance on Statement: Plus deposits in transit (a): Deposit Date Deposit Amount TOTAL DEPOSITS IN TRANSIT Less Outstanding Checks (a): Check Number Check Date Check Amount 0.00 TOTAL OUTSTANDING CHECKS: Bank statement Adjustments: Explanation of Adjustments255 0.00 ADJUSTED BANK BALANCE: * It is acceptable to replace this form with a similar form Page 3 of 8 ** Please attach a detailed explanation of any bank statement adjustment $0.00002 American LegalNet, Inc. II. STATUS OF PAYMENTS TO SECURED CREDITORS, LESSORS002 AND OTHER PARTIES TO EXECUTORY CONTRACTS002 Creditor, Lessor, Etc. Frequency of Payments (Mo/Qtr) Amount of Payment Post-Petition payments not made (Number) Total Due TOTAL DUE: 0.00 V. INSURANCE COVERAGE002 Amount of Policy Expiration Premium Paid Name of Carrier Coverage Date Through (Date) General Liability Worker's Compensation Casualty Vehicle Others: Page 4 of 8 American LegalNet, Inc. Page 4 of 8002 American LegalNet, Inc. I.D SUMMARY SCHEDULE OF CASH ENDING BALANCES FOR THE PERIOD: (Provide a copy of of montly account statements for each of the below) General Account: Payroll Account: Tax Account: *Other Accounts: *Other Monies:002 **Petty Cash (from below):002 0.00 TOTAL CASH AVAILABLE: Petty Cash Transactions: Date Purpose Amount TOTAL PETTY CASH TRANSACTIONS: * Specify the Type of holding (e.g. CD, Savings Account, Investment Security), and the depository name, location & account# ** Attach Exhibit Itemizing all petty cash transactions Page 5 of 8 0.00 0.00 American LegalNet, Inc. VI. UNITED STATES TRUSTEE QUARTERLY FEES002 (TOTAL PAYMENTS)002 Quarterly Period Ending (Date) Total Disbursements Quarterly Fees Date Paid Amount Paid Quarterly Fees Still Owing 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 * Post-Petition Accounts Payable SHOULD NOT include professionals' fees and expenses which have been incurred but not yet awarded by the court. Post-Petition Accounts Payable SHOULD include professionals' fees and expenses authorized by Court Order but which remain unpaid as of the close of the period report Page 6 of 8 American LegalNet, Inc. VI SCHEDULE OF COMPENSATION PAID TO INSIDERS002 Name of Insider Date of Order Authorizing Compensation *Authorized Gross Compensation Gross Compensation Paid During the Month VII. SCHEDULE OF OTHER AMOUNTS PAID TO INSIDERS002 Name of Insider Date of Order Authorizing Compensation Description Amount Paid During the Month * Please indicate how compensation was identified in the order (e.g. $1,000/week, $2,500/month) Page 7 of 8 American LegalNet, Inc. 1. 2. Has the debtor-in-possession made any payments on its pre-petition unsecured debt, except as have been authorized by the court? If "Yes", explain below: XI. QUESTIONNAIRE Has the debtor-in-possession during this reporting period provided compensation or remuneration to any officers, directors, principals, or other insiders without appropriate authorization? If "Yes", explain below: No No Yes Yes 3. State what progress was made during the reporting period toward filing a plan of reorganization 4.003 Describe potential future developments which may have a significant impact on the case: 5.003 Attach copies of all Orders granting relief from the automatic stay that were entered during the reporting period. No Yes 6.003 Did you receive any exempt income this month, which is not set forth in the operating report? If "Yes", please set forth the amounts and sources of the income below. I,003 [enter your name and title here], declare under penalty of perjury that I have fully read and understood the foregoing debtor-in255 possession operating report and that the information contained herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. Date003 Page 8 of 8 Principal for debtor-in-possession American LegalNet, Inc.

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