Agreement To Stop Or Modify Income Withholding Order | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Arizona

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Agreement To Stop Or Modify Income Withholding Order | Pdf Fpdf Doc Docx | Arizona

Last updated: 8/12/2022

Agreement To Stop Or Modify Income Withholding Order

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AGREEMENT TO STOP OR MODIFY INCOME WITHHOLDING ORDER (WHEN ALL PARTIES WILL SIGN AGREEMENT TO TERMINATE) Packet #22-A Separate forms from packet before filing Updated August 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. PIMA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT SELF-SERVICE PACKET AGREEMENT TO STOP INCOME WITHHOLDING ORDER Use and Disclaimer These forms shall not be used to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. The Court assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability for actions taken by the users of these forms or in reliance upon the instructions or information provided. Court cases can be very complicated, and even if you are representing yourself you should see a lawyer for legal advice as to how the law applies to you, and what is best in your particular situation. This might save you time, money, trips to the courthouse and avoid serious mistakes. There are lawyers who will help you help yourself. This means that they will only charge you for giving you the help you need, and you can complete the court papers on your own or ask the lawyer for additional help with your papers. There are professional mediators in the community who can help you with your problems. They help you solve your present problem, and anticipate future problems and how to solve them. Mediators work with both parties in a dispute to help resolve areas of disagreement or trouble. A list of individuals, agencies and other resources to help people resolve legal problems is available at the SelfService Center. This packet contains court forms and instructions to file an "Agreement to Stop an Income Withholding Order" when all parties are willing to provide their notarized signatures on the Agreement form. Title Use and Disclaimer (1 page) Information and Instructions ­ Agreement (2 pages) Agreement to Stop or Modify Income Withholding Order (2 pages) Information and Instructions regarding Order (1 page) Order Regarding Request to Stop or Modify Income Withholding Order(1pg.) Form Name agreementtostop.useanddisclaimer agreementtostop.agree instructions agreementtostop.agreement agreementtostop.order instructions agreementtostop.order 1 Updated August 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. AGREEMENT TO STOP OR MODIFY INCOME WITHHOLDING ORDER FORM INFORMATION AND INSTRUCTIONS WHEN TO USE THIS FORM: You should use this form if any of the following applies to all of your children: age 18 and have graduated from high school or are no longer attending high school age 19 have married, been adopted or joined the military are deceased custody has changed by Court order it is time to stop making arrears payments because child support arrears are paid in full you and the other party have remarried your case has been dismissed your obligation to pay spousal maintenance has ended or has changed and both you and the other party agree on the change(s), and if the case is a IV-D the Attorney General will consent to the Agreement. WHEN NOT TO USE THIS FORM: you need to modify child support because a child is age 18 and graduated high school but there other minor children still entitled to support (you must prepare an Amended Child Support Order) the other party will not agree to stop the Income Withholding Order. NOTE: There are other forms to use for these matters. HOW TO FILL OUT THIS FORM: 1. Fill in your name, address and telephone number in the top area where indicated on the Petition to Stop or Modify. 2. Fill in the name of the Petitioner and Respondent as it appears on the very first document. 3. Fill in the case number. 4. Check the box, which indicates if the case is Non-IV-D or IV-D. Don't know? If you or the other parent have ever used the services of the Department of Child Support Enforcement or the State of Arizona Attorney General's Office, your case may be a "IV-D" case. If your case is a IV-D case, you are required to get the consent of the Attorney General's Office before your Agreement can be finalized. The Child Support Division of the Clerk of the Court can tell you if your case is a IV-D case. 5. Fill in the Assigned To section with the name of the judicial officer assigned to your case. Don't know? The Clerk of the Court can tell you the name of the Judicial Officer assigned to your case. 6. In paragraph 1, check the boxes, which apply. 7. In paragraph 2, fill in the date of the most recent Income Withholding Order and the amount of the child support or spousal maintenance, which was ordered. 8. In paragraph 3, fill in the name and address of the employer of the party who has been paying support. 9. In paragraph 4, check all boxes, which apply. 10. In paragraph 5, check all boxes, which apply. 11. In paragraph 6, fill in the amount of any new amount, which should be withheld, if any. 12. In paragraph 7, if the child support order should be stopped because there are no children eligible to receive child support and there are no arrears, check this box. 13. Both parties should sign and date the form where indicated. NOTE: The signatures must be notarized or witnessed by the Clerk of the Court. 14. Take the form to the Office of the Attorney General to obtain a signature consenting to the Agreement to Stop or Modify Income Withholding Order. NOTE: If the Attorney General's will not consent, you must use the Petition to Stop or Modify Income Withholding Order forms. 1 Updated August 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. WHAT TO DO NEXT: 1. Make two copies, or three if the Office of the Attorney General is involved. 2. Take the original forms and all copies to the Clerk of the Court, along with the necessary filing fee. (See #A below) 3. The Clerk will file the original Agreement and will "conform" your copies, to show that the original has been filed. 4. The Clerk will take the paperwork to the appropriate Judicial Officer and if signed, will provide copies to you for your records. This step may take several days and is usually not done while you wait. 5. This matter will be completed when you receive your copy of the Order stopping or modifying the Income Withholding Order. If you have never filed an appearance in this case prior to this time (for example if you have never contested any issue), then you will have to pay an appearance fee. If you have previously paid an appearance fee, there may also be a charge to file the Agreement to Stop or Modify of $84.00. The Clerk will tell you amount and if this fee is required. If you have any questions, you should seek the advice o

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