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Application For Change Of Name Of An Adult | Pdf Fpdf Docx | District Of Columbia

Last updated: 5/26/2021

Application For Change Of Name Of An Adult

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þ Instructions For Changing the Name of an Adult1. 037e process of applying for a name change involves 036lling out court forms, appearing before a judge, and þ þ may also involve notifying third-parties. If you do not understand how to 036ll out the forms and follow þ þ the court procedures, you should talk to a lawyer.2. þ 037e Application for Change of Name of an Adult must be 036led in Judge-in-Chambers, Superior Court of þ þ the District of Columbia Superior Court, 500 Indiana Ave. NW, Room 4220, Washington, DC 20001.3. 037e completed Application must be accompanied by: 225 þ Proof of current residence in the District of Columbia 225 þ Valid photo identi036cation 225 þ Supporting Documentation 225 þ An original or certi036ed copy of þ Applicant222s birth certi036cate 225 þ Marriage certi036cate 225 þ Divorce decree 225 þ Previous name change orders 225 þ Certi036cate of Citizenship 225 þ Certi036cate of Naturalization5. þ Applicants must be current residents of the District of Columbia, regardless of where they were born.6. þ 037e following are some examples of what may be accepted to establish DC residency: 225 þ Utility Bill (water, gas, electric, oil, or cable) issued within the last 60 days 225 þ Telephone Bill issued within the last 60 days 225 þ DC Property Tax Bill issued within the last 12 months 225 þ Letter with picture from Court Services and O035ender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) or DC þ þ Department of Corrections verifying the Applicant222s name and residence 225 þ Pay stub or W-2 225 þ Home Security System Bill issued within the last 60 days 225 þ Supplemental Security Income bene036ts noti036cation issued within the last 12 months 225 þ Bank Statement issued within the last 60 days7. þ When determining residency, the Court may require additional documentation.8. þ Valid photo identi036cation may not be expired and may include: 225 þ Driver222s license 225 þ ID Card 225 þ Passport 4. þ Other supporting documentation may be required by the Court, such as: American LegalNet, Inc. 10. 037e Judge-in-Chambers sta035 will make copies of all documents submitted for the Court record þ þ and will return all originals or certi036ed copies to the Applicant.11. þ 037e cost of 036ling an Application for Change of Name of an Adult is $60.00.12. 037e Applicant must provide the reason(s) for a change of name.13. þ 037e Applicant will be provided with an Order and Notice of Final Hearing date and time.9. þ Certi036ed translations must be submitted for all foreign language documents. 037e translator þ þ must certify that s/he is competent to translate and that the translation is accurate. 225 þ 037e certi036cation format should include the translator222s name, signature, address, and date þ þ of certi036cation. 225 þ A suggested format is: þ Certi036cation by Translator þ I [typed name], certify that I am 034uent (conversant) in the English and [enter appropriate þ þ language] languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of þ þ the document attached entitled [enter title of document]. Continued 14. þ Within ten (10) days of 036ling the Application, the Applicant must serve personally, or by þ þ registered/certi036ed mail (return receipt requested), a copy of the Application and the Order þ þ and Notice of Final Hearing on their creditors and on each interested party as designated þ þ by the Court.16. þ Before the Final Hearing, the Applicant must 036le an A033davit/Declaration of Service for þ þ each interested party and creditor (including any return receipts). 15. Examples of creditors include:225 þ Mortgage Companies 225 þ Landlords225 þ Student Loan Companies225 þ Finance Companies225 þ Loan Companies225 þ Credit Card Companies (even if there is a zero balance)225 þ Utility Companies 17. Even if the Applicant222s credit card company has issued a credit card in the Applicant222s þ þ requested name, the Applicant still must notify this creditor of the requested name change þ þ by registered/certi036ed mail (return receipt requested) and must 036le an A033davit/Declaration þ of Service prior to the Final Hearing. 18. If the Applicant has been convicted of a felony, or is on probation, parole, or supervisory þ þ release in any jurisdiction, including the District of Columbia, the Applicant must serve the þ þ appropriate law enforcement agencies or o033cials either personally or by registered/certi036ed þ þ mail (return receipt requested). An A033davit/Declaration of service must be þ þ 036led before the Final Hearing. 225 þ Signature225 þ Typed Name 225 þ Date225 þ Address225 þ Phone Number225 þ Email American LegalNet, Inc. Continued 19. If the Applicant is currently incarcerated, but was a resident of the District of Columbia þ þ immediately prior to incarceration a name change application may be processed remotely. þ þ Residency prior to incarceration must be established through supporting documentation. þ þ Examples of supporting documentation are: a letter from the Applicant222s current case worker þ þ explaining their residency status prior to incarceration, or copies of documents from their þ þ criminal case showing the Applicant222s address prior to incarceration. Applications should þ þ be mailed to Judge-in-Chambers, Superior Court of the District of Columbia Superior þ þ Court, 500 Indiana Ave. NW, Room 4220, Washington, DC 20001. Additional information þ þ or noti036cations may be required by the Court. 037e Final Hearing will be conducted by video þ or telephone conference, and coordinated with the appropriate facility.20. If the Applicant has an ongoing bankruptcy case, or has been the subject of a bankruptcy, þ þ receivership, or insolvency proceeding, the Applicant must notify the appropriate bankruptcy þ þ court personally or by registered/certi036ed mail (return receipt requested). An A033davit/ þ þ Declaration of Service must be 036led prior to the Final Hearing. When 036ling the Application þ for Change of Name of an Adult, the Applicant must 036le a copy of the Discharge Order, if þ one þ exists. 21. If the Applicant fails to notify an interested party or appear for the Final Hearing, the þ þ Application for Change of Name of an Adult may be denied/dismissed without prejudice.22. If any person desires to oppose the Application for Change of Name of an Adult, that person þ þ or their attorney must be present at the Final Hearing or must 036le a written detailed þ objection in Judge-In-Chambers at least 036ve (5) business days in advance of the Final Hearing. þ þ If a written objection is 036led, it also must be served on the Applicant or Applicant222s counsel. 23. 037e approval of the Application for Change of Name of an Adult requires a Final Hearing þ þ which will be held before the Judge-In-Chambers. 24. If an Application for Change of Name of an Adult is granted, the applicant will be provided þ þ at least 036ve (5)certi036ed copies of the Order for Name Change of an Adult. Requests for þ additional copies as appropriate may be made at the Final Hearing.Aug 2017 American LegalNet, Inc. Civil DivisionApplicant222s Current Name Being UsedCase NumberI, Applicant, respectfully represent to the Court:1. I am an adult born on the day ofin2. I presently reside at 3. I am seeking a change of name 4. Social Security Number:5. Occupation:Location: 500 Indiana Avenue, NWRoom 4220 4th FloorWashington, DC 20001 Superior Court of The District of Columbia Application for Change of Name of an Adult PLEASE PRINTApplicant222s Current Full Legal NamePermanent AddressCity, State, Zip CodeTelephone Number þ þ First þ Middle þ Last þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ þ Place of Birth þ þ Address Line 1 þ þ þ þ Day þ Month þ Year þ þ Pursuant to Superior Court Civil Rule 205 and DC Code 247247 16-2501, 16-2503to:for the following reason(s): Same as above or:Same as above or:Address Line 2 þ þ þ þ þ þ American LegalNet, Inc. 7. Has your name previously been changed? YES NO (If yes, give all previous name(s), all name þ þ changes, and the date(s), place(s), and reason(s)).8. Have you been known by or used a name other tha

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