LUP CDP BDP ZCI GRD Permit | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

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LUP CDP BDP ZCI GRD Permit | Pdf Fpdf Docx | California

Last updated: 6/25/2020


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Updated by DE 101818 1 Land Use Permit/Coastal Development Permit/ Building Permit/Zoning Clearance/Grading Permit APPLICATION FORM THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS: Submittal Requirements Click to download Ministerial Project Worksheet Indemnification Agreement Click to download Indemnification Agreement AND, IF 'D, ALSO CONTAINS Agreement to Pay Processing Fees Click to download Agreement to Pay form Site Plan/Topographic Map Requirements Click to download Site Plan and Topographical Map Requirements Agricultural Activities Supplement Form Click to download Agricultural Activities Supplement form Hazardous Waste & Materials Supplement Form Click to download Hazardous Waste Materials Supplement form Home Occupation Supplement Form Click to download Home Occupation Supplement Form Board of Architectural Review (BAR) Application Click to download Board of Architectural Review Structure Application Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Supplement Form Click to download Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance Supplement Form Permit Compliance Application Click to download Permit Compliance Application Fire Department Vegetation Plan Requirements For additional information regarding Fire Department Requirements click here Stormwater Control Plan Submittal Requirements For project applicability and SCP submittal requirements, click here If a new single family home is proposed on a vacant lot, also provide (if available): Conditions of Approval on Tracts (only if approved after 1-1-90) South County Office 123 E. Anapamu Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: (805) 568 - 2000 Fax: (805) 568 - 2030 Website: North County Office 624 W. Foster Road, Suite C Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: (805) 934 - 6250 Fax: (805) 934 - 6258 A LAND USE (LUP)/COASTAL DEVELOPMENT (CDP) / BUILDING PERMIT (BDP)/ ZONING CLEARANCE (ZCI)/ GRADING PERMIT (GRD) is required before using any land or structure or commencing any work to erect, move, alter, enlarge or rebuild any building or structure in the unincorporated area of the County of Santa Barbara. Exemptions from these permits are found in the applicable Ordinance. **FOR SANTA BARB ARA PLEASE CALL 568 - 2090 36 HOURS TO ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE TO SCHEDULE AN INTAKE APPOINTMENT FOR NORTH COUNTY PLEASE CALL 934 - 6250 FOR AN APPOINTMENT OR WALK - IN AT THE COUNTER BETWEEN 9:00 AND 11:30 A.M. American LegalNet, Inc. 2 Updated by DE 101818 PLANNING & D EVELOPMENT LAND USE, COASTAL DEVELOPMENT , BUILDING PERMIT AND ZONING CLEARANCE APPLICATION TYPE OF WORK: (Check all that apply) New Structure Addition Ext. Alter. Int. Remodel Change of Use Demo Move Exempt. Sign Grading Retaining Wall Stockpiling Electrical Plumbing Mechanical Cannabis Other: SITE ADDRESS: Town: Assessor Parcel No.(s): Zone District Parcel Size: (Gross) (Net) Tra ct No.: Lot No.: Recorded Map Date: Estimated work value $ Did you have a Planner Consultation? No Yes Electronic Submittal Email 1. Financially Responsible Person: Phone: (for this project) Mailing Address: S treet C ity S tate Z ip 2. Owner: Phone: FAX: Mailing Address: E - mail: Street City State Zip 3. Agent: Phone: FAX: Mailing Address: E - mail: Street City Stat e Zip 4. Arch./Designer: Phone: FAX: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip State License No.: E - mail: 5. Engineer/Surveyor: Phone: FAX: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip St ate License/Registration No.: E - mail: 6. Contractor: Phone: FAX: Mailing Address: Street City State Zip State License No.:E - mail: Please circle primary contact PROJECT NUMBER: APN: ADDRESS: American LegalNet, Inc. 3 Updated by DE 101818 PROJECT INFORMATION Applicant to complete Project Description and S ection s A and B PROJECT DESCRIPTION SUMMARY (a description of all work that will commence under this application): Does proposed / existing buildings have Fire Sprinklers Yes No SECTION A - PARCEL INFORMATION : (Check each that applies. Fill in all blanks or indicate "N/A") Existing Use : Agric. SFD Du plex Multi Family Retail Commercial Office Indus Vacant Proposed Use : Agric SFD Duplex Multi Family Retail Commercial Office Indus Existing : No. of Buildings Gross Floor Area Age of Oldest Struct. No. Res. Units Proposed : No. of Buildings Gross Floor Area No. Res. Units Impervious Surfaces (sq. ft.): Existing Proposed (If new or replaced i mpervious >2,500 sq. ft., a Stormwater Control Plan must be submitted with application) Landscape (sq. ft.) Existing: New: Renovated: Nonirrigated Parking Spaces : No. Existing No. Propo sed Total No. Handicapped Utilities: Water : public private Sewer Disposal: public private Gas: Natural Gas LPG Grading (cu. yd.) : Cut Fill Import Export Tota l Total Area Disturbed (sq. ft./acres): Max % Slope : Parcel Work site Max Height: Cut/fill combined slope Retaining wall Tree removal: No Yes No. Vegetation remo val: No Yes Sq. Ft./acres: Parcel Within Agricultural Preserve Contract: No Yes Preserve Number: Parcel Located Within Special Problems Area: Yes No Description: Is exterior lighting proposed: Yes No If yes, please submit the following information: 1) show location of outdoor lighting, 2) plans and description should include lamp and bulb type, wattage, beam angle, and shielding, 3) Manuf Parcel Validity 1 : The lot is created by a recorded Parcel or Final Map approved by the County. Map # or The lot is described on a recorded Certificate of Compliance or Conditional Certificate of Complianc e. CC# or The lot resulted from a Lot Line Adjustment approved by the County. LLA # or or The lot was created or The lot is shown on a Lot Split Plat approved by the County pursuant to Ordinance No. 791 as amended. 1 Evidence that the project site is a legal parcel must be provided with the application on an undeveloped lot. If it is determined your lot is a fraction lot that is substandard in size, you may not be eligible for a development permit. American LegalNet, Inc. 4 Updated by DE 101818 SECTION B PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Yes, No, Unknown Hillside/Ridgeline and/or Slope >/= 20% on the Lot Creeks, Ponds, Drainage Courses, or Water Bodies on Site Oak or Removal of any Oak, Native or Specimen Tree NOTE JECT TO CONSTRAINED LOT REVIEW. A DEPOSIT FEE IS REQUIRED FOR THESE P ROJECTS. BUILDING PERMIT APPL ICA TIONS EXPIRE 365 DAY S FROM THE FILING DATE. APPLICATIONS FOR BUI LDING PERMIT TO REMEDY A C ODE ENFORCEMENT VIOL A TION EXPIRES 180 DAY S FROM THE FILING D ATE PER ORDINANCE 48 71 , SEC. 10 - 1.7. American LegalNet, Inc. 5 Updated by DE 101818 CERTIFICATE OF ACCURACY AND COMPLETENESS Must be signed by the landowner or authorized agent before a permit can be accepted for processing by the County of Santa Barbara Signature authorizes County staff to enter the property described above for the purposes of inspection . I hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the information contained in this application and all attached materials are correct, true and complete. I acknowledge and agree that the C ounty of Santa Barbara is relying on the accuracy of this information and my representations in order to process this application and that any permits issued by the County may be rescinded if it is determined that the information and materials submitted ar e not true and correct. I further acknowledge that I may be liable for any costs associated with rescission of such permits. Circle One: Land Owner Agent Print Name Signature Date And I hereby authorize to represent me before Santa Barbara County in all matters related to this application. Print Name (Land Owner) Signature Date Or Print Name (Licensed Contractor) License Number Signature Date I understand and agree that submission of plans for building/grading plan check for the above mentioned property is not a guarantee of approval and if the project is denied by the Planning & Development Department, my advance plan check fee of $ is non - refundable. Date \\\Pad$\GROUP\P&D\Digital Library\Applications & Forms\Planning Applications and Forms\LUP CDP BP ZC SubReqApp.doc American LegalNet, Inc. 6 Updated by DE 101818 BUILDING DIVISION AUTHORIZ

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