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Affidavit Of Continuing Garnishment - Georgia

Affidavit Of Continuing Garnishment Form. This is a Georgia form and can be used in Magistrate Court Effingham Local County .
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AFFIDAVIT OF CONTINUING GARNISHMENT IN THE MAGISTRATE COURT OF EFFINGHAM COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Case No.: (office use only) Date Filed: (office use only) Plaintiff's Name Mailing Address City, State and Zip Code Phone Number Defendant's Name Mailing Address City, State and Zip Code Phone Number Social Security No. or Federal Tax ID No. Garnishee Physical Address Mailing Address (if different from physical address) City, State and Zip Code Personally appeared the undersigned affiant who on oath says that he is the above plaintiff; his agent, or his attorney at law and that he has personal knowledge that the above defendant is indebted to said plaintiff in the sum of $_______________ Dollars as Principal, $_______________as Interest, $_______________ Attorney's Fees, and $______________ as Court Cost; and that said Plaintiff has Court of judgment obtained on ______________________ 20_____ in case number _______________ in The County. PLAINTIFF/ AGENCY FOR PLAINTIFF FURTHER STATES THAT THE PLAINTIFF/ AGENCY FOR PLAINTIFF believes that garnishee is or may be an employer of the defendant and subject to continuing garnishment. Sworn to and Subscribed Before Me: This day of , 20______ __________________________________________________ PLAINTIFF/ AGENCY FOR PLAINTIFF Approved: This Judge, Clerk or Notary Public Notary Public's Expiration Date day of ,20______ __________________________________________________ Judge Scott Hinson, Chief Magistrate SUMMONS TO CONTINUE GARNISHMENT To: Garnishee YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to hold immediately all property, money, wages, except what is exempt, belonging to the defendant, or debts owed to the defendant name above at the time of service of this summons and between the time of service of this summons and the time of making your answer. Not sooner than 30 days, but not later than 45 days after you are served with this summons. You are commanded to file your answer in writing with the clerk of Magistrate Court at 700 N. Pine Street ­ Suite 250; Springfield, GA 31329 and serve a copy upon the plaintiff or his/her attorney. Money or other property subject to this summons should be delivered to the court with your answer. Should you fail to answer this summons; a judgment will be rendered against you for the amount the plaintiff claims due by the defendant. Witness the Honorable Scott Hinson, Judge for said Court. This ______________ day of _____________, 20______ _________________________________________________________ Judge/Deputy Clerk, Magistrate Court of Effingham County American LegalNet, Inc. TO BE FILLED OUT BY PLAINTIFF Principal $_________________ Attorney's Fee $_________________ Interest $_________________ Judgment Cost $_________________ Garnishment Cost $_________________ Total Garnisheed $_________________
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