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Marks-Roos Yearly Fiscal Report For Authority Issuers - California

Marks-Roos Yearly Fiscal Report For Authority Issuers Form. This is a California form and can be used in CDIAC State Treasurers Office Statewide .
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CDIAC # ___________ MARKS-ROOS YEARLY FISCAL STATUS REPORT FOR AUTHORITY ISSUE California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission 915 Capitol Mall, Room 400, Sacramento, CA 95814 P.O. Box 942809, Sacramento, CA 94209-0001 (916) 653-3269 FAX (916) 654-7440 Fiscal Year ___________ STATE OF CALIFORNIA I. GENERAL INFORMATION A. B. Authority Issuer Name/Title/Series of Bond Issue Senior Issue: Yes Date of Bond Issuance Original Principal Amount of Bonds $ Reserve Fund Minimum Balance Required Total Issuance Costs $ (Report Issuance Costs only at initial filing) No Subordinate Issue: Yes No C. D. E. F. Yes Amount ($) No II. FUND BALANCE FISCAL STATUS Balances reported as of June 30, (Year) A. B. C. Principal Amount of Bonds Outstanding Bond Reserve Fund Capitalized Interest Fund $ $ $ III. AUTHORITY FINANCIAL INFORMATION A. Fees Paid for Professional Services (Annual Totals) 2. Amount of Fees 1. Type of Service Add sheet, if necessary B. Local Obligor 1. Issuer/Borrower 2. Bond Purchase (BP) or Loan (L) 3. Amount of Purchase/Loan (from Authority Issue) 4. Administration Fee (Charged to LOB) Add sheet, if necessary CDIAC MKR AUTH Page 1 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc. OF CALIFORNIA MARKS-ROOS YEARLY FISCAL STATUS REPORT FOR AUTHORITY ISSUE (Continued) C. Investment Contracts 1. Terms of Investment Contracts a. Final Maturity b. Other (see Guidelines for explanation) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Commission/Fee for Contract 3. Interest Earnings on Contract Total $ Current $ Yes No D. Taxes are paid under the county's Teeter Plan IV. ISSUE RETIRED This issue is retired and no longer subject to the Yearly Fiscal Status Filing Requirements. (Indicate reason for retirement.) Reason for Retirement Final Maturity Date/New Issue Date Refunding Bond Title/Other V. NAME OF PARTY COMPLETING THIS FORM NAME TITLE FIRM/AGENCY ADDRESS CITY/STATE/ZIP CODE PHONE NUMBER REPORT DATE: E-MAIL: CDIAC MKR AUTH Page 2 of 2 American LegalNet, Inc.
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