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Certificate Of Service Form. This is a national form and can be used in 2nd Circuit Court Of Appeals Circuit Court Of Appeals .
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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SECOND CIRCUIT CAPTION: CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE* v. Docket Number: I, (print name) on (date) , hereby certify under penalty of perjury that , I served a copy of (list all documents) by (select all applicable)** ___ Personal Delivery ___ Commercial Carrier on the following parties: Name Name Name Name Address Address Address Address City City City City State State State State Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code ___ United States Mail ___ E-Mail (on consent) ___ Federal Express or other Overnight Courier *A party must serve a copy of each paper on the other parties, or their counsel, to the appeal or proceeding. The Court will reject papers for filing if a certificate of service is not simultaneously filed. **If different methods of service have been used on different parties, please complete a separate certificate of service for each party. Today's Date Certificate of Service Form (Last Revised 12/2015) Signature American LegalNet, Inc.
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