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Financing Statement Amendment UCC3 - Wisconsin

Financing Statement Amendment Form. This is a Wisconsin form and can be used in Uniform Commercial Code Secretary Of State .
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UCC FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS (front and back) CAREFULLY A. NAME & PHONE OF CONTACT AT FILER [optional] B. SEND ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO: (Name and Address) THE ABOVE SPACE IS FOR FILING OFFICE USE ONLY 1a. INITIAL FINANCING STATEMENT FILE # 1b. This FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT is to be filed [for record] (or recorded) in the REAL ESTATE RECORDS. 2. 3. 4. TERMINATION: Effectiveness of the Financing Statement identified above is terminated with respect to security interest(s) of the Secured Party authorizing this Termination Statement. CONTINUATION: Effectiveness of the Financing Statement identified above with respect to security interest(s) of the Secured Party authorizing this Continuation Statement is continued for the additional period provided by applicable law. ASSIGNMENT (full or partial): Give name of assignee in item 7a or 7b and address of assignee in item 7c; and also give name of assignor in item 9. Debtor or Secured Party of record. Check only one of these two boxes. DELETE name: Give record name to be deleted in item 6a or 6b. ADD name: Complete item 7a or 7b, and also item 7c; also complete items 7d-7g (if applicable). 5. AMENDMENT (PARTY INFORMATION): This Amendment affects Also check one of the following three boxes and provide appropriate information in items 6 and/or 7. CHANGE name and/or address: Give current record name in item 6a or 6b; also give new name (if name change) in item 7a or 7b and/or new address (if address change) in item 7c. 6. CURRENT RECORD INFORMATION: 6a. ORGANIZATION'S NAME OR 6b. INDIVIDUAL'S LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX 7. CHANGED (NEW) OR ADDED INFORMATION: 7a. ORGANIZATION'S NAME OR 7b. INDIVIDUAL'S LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX 7c. MAILING ADDRESS CITY STATE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY 7d. TAX ID #: SSN OR EIN NOT REQUIRED IN WISCONSIN * ADD'L INFO RE ORGANIZATION DEBTOR 7e. TYPE OF ORGANIZATION 7f. JURISDICTION OF ORGANIZATION 7g. ORGANIZATIONAL ID #, if any NONE 8. AMENDMENT (COLLATERAL CHANGE): check only one box. Describe collateral deleted or added, or give entire restated collateral description, or describe collateral assigned. 9. NAME OF SECURED PARTY OF RECORD AUTHORIZING THIS AMENDMENT (name of assignor, if this is an Assignment). If this is an Amendment authorized by a Debtor which adds collateral or adds the authorizing Debtor, or if this is a Termination authorized by a Debtor, check here and enter name of DEBTOR authorizing this Amendment. 9a. ORGANIZATION'S NAME OR 9b. INDIVIDUAL'S LAST NAME FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME SUFFIX 10. OPTIONAL FILER REFERENCE DATA FILING OFFICE COPY -- NATIONAL UCC FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT (FORM UCC3) (REV. 07/29/98) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com * An Individual's social security number is not required to be placed on the form in Wisconsin (See Instructions) Instructions for National UCC Financing Statement AMENDMENT (Form UCC3) Please type or laser-print this form. Be sure it is completely legible. Read all Instructions, especially Instruction 1a; correct file number of initial financing statement is crucial. Follow Instructions completely. Fill in form very carefully; mistakes may have important legal consequences. If you have questions, consult your attorney. Filing office cannot give legal advice. Do not insert anything in the open space in the upper portion of this form; it is reserved for filing office use. An Amendment may relate to only one financing statement. Do not enter more than one file number in item 1a. When properly completed, send Filing Office Copy, with required fee, to filing office. If you want an acknowledgment, complete item B and, if filing in a filing office that returns an acknowledgment copy furnished by filer, you may also send Acknowledgment Copy, otherwise detach. Always detach Debtor and Secured Party Copies. If you need to use attachments, use 8-1/2 X 11 inch sheets and put at the top of each sheet: "AMENDMENT"and the file number of the initial financing statement to which this Amendment relates; you are encouraged to use Amendment Addendum (Form UCC3Ad). Always complete items 1a and 9. A. To assist filing offices that might wish to communicate with filer, filer may provide information in item A. This item is optional. B. Complete item B if you want an acknowledgment sent to you. If filing in a filing office that returns an acknowledgment copy furnished by filer, present simultaneously with this form a carbon or other copy of this form for use as an acknowledgment copy. 1a. File number: Enter file number of initial financing statement to which this Amendment relates. Enter only one file number. In some states, the file number is not unique; in those states, also enter in item 1a, after the file number, the date that the initial financing statement was filed. 1b. Only if this Amendment is to be filed or recorded in the real estate records, check box 1b and also, in item 13 of Amendment Addendum, enter Debtor's name, in proper format exactly identical to the format of item 1 of financing statement, and name of record owner if Debtor does not have a record interest. 5,7. To add a party: Check box in item 5 to indicate whether adding a Debtor or Secured Party; also check box in item 5 to indicate that this is an addition of a party; also enter all required information in item 7: name (7a or 7b) and address (7c); also, if adding a Debtor, tax ID # (7d) in those states where required, and additional organization Debtor information (7e-g) if added Debtor is an organization. Note: The preferred method for filing against a new Debtor (an individual or organization not previously of record as a Debtor under this file number) is to file a new Financing Statement (UCC1) and not an Amendment (UCC3). 8. Collateral change. To change the collateral covered by the identified financing statement, describe the change in item 8. This may be accomplished either by describing the collateral to be added or deleted, or by setting forth in full the collateral description as it is to be effective after the filing of this Amendment, indicating clearly the method chosen (check the appropriate box). If the space in item 8 is insufficient, use item 13 of Amendment Addendum (Form UCC3Ad). A partial release of collateral is a deletion. If, due to a full release of all collateral, filer no longer claims a security interest under the identified financing statement, check box 2 (Termination) and not box 8 (Collateral Change). If a partial assig
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