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Voluntary Request For SCR 98.7 Transfer To Active Membership Status - Nevada

Voluntary Request For SCR 98.7 Transfer To Active Membership Status Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in State Bar Statewide .
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FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY STATE BAR OF NEVADA Member Services 3100 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 382-2200 or Voluntary Request for SCR 98.7 Transfer to Active Status Bar No.: Member Name: Phone Number: ___________________ E-mail: I hereby request that I be enrolled as an ACTIVE member of the State Bar of Nevada in accordance with SCR98.7, effective / / . Status change will be effective upon receipt of this form, payment in full and all required disclosures. Payment of $1 registration fee and the full annual membership fee for an active member, for the current calendar year, less any license fee paid as an inactive member for such year is required. Example: If you paid $125 for inactive dues and have been licensed five years or more in any jurisdiction, you will pay the difference in license fees plus $1, i.e. $450 - $125 = $325 + $1 = $326 or less than five years in any jurisdiction i.e. $250 - $125 = $125 + $1 = $126 Enclosed is my check, payable to the State Bar of Nevada, for Active membership fees. Enclosed is my trust account reporting form (Certification of Compliance and Consent). THIS IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO STATUS CHANGE TAKING PLACE. Enclosed is my insurance disclosure ­ required only if the information has changed since your most recent report, available on our library of forms page at I have included a Change of Address form to ensure the bar has my SCR 79 address. ______________________________________________________ Signature ________________________ Date American LegalNet, Inc.
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