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Case Types List - Missouri

Case Types List Form. This is a Missouri form and can be used in Filing Information Sheets Circuit Court Statewide .
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CASE TYPES LIST CATEGORY & CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION DOMESTIC RELATIONS IV-D Administrative Order with Hearing IV-D Contempt IV-D Miscellaneous Domestic Relations IV-D Motion to Modify IV-D Paternity IV-D UIFSA - Initiating IV-D UIFSA - Responding IV-D URESA - Initiating IV-D URESA - Responding Change of Name Contempt - Domestic Relations Dissolution of Marriage without Children Dissolution of Marriage with Children Habeas Corpus - Domestic Legal Separation/Annulment/ Separation Maintenance Modify Registration of Foreign Judgment Motion to Modify Paternity Motion to Modify Paternity Registration of Foreign Judgment Child Custody Registration of Foreign Judgment Dissolution Miscellaneous Domestic Relations Family Access Motion Set Aside Paternity Judgment Victim Name Change Other Miscellaneous Action Child Support/Administrative Order Child Support/Administrative Order Modification COURT FILED IN CASE TYPE CODE FAMILY CIRCUIT Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 QD QG QH QI QJ QK QL QM QN QU QO QP QR QS QT QV QX D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 DD DG DH DI DJ DK DL DM DN DU DO DP DR DS DT DV X1 NB NC CIRCUIT JP JR JS CIRCUIT JM JN JO JQ JT JK CIRCUIT DA DB DE DQ CATEGORY & CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION CONTRACT Breach of Contract Promissory Note Specific Performance Suit on Account Contract - Other COURT FILED IN CASE TYPE CODE ASSOCIATE CIRCUIT CM CN CO CP CQ ASSOCIATE IN IO IP IQ IR IS CA CB CC CD CE CIRCUIT IA IB IC ID IE IF ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW Chapter 536 State Agency Review Drivers License Revocation Review (302.311 RSMo) Trial De Novo of DOR Decision Refused Breathalyzer (302.750/577.04 RSMo) Limited Driving Privileges (302.309 RSMo) Other Administrative Review Judicial Review of Suspension and Revocation of Motor Vehicle Dealer's License (301.562 RSMo) IG IT ASSOCIATE TO TP TQ TR TS TT TU TV TW TX TY ASSOCIATE R1 R2 RS CIRCUIT TJ TK TA TB TC TD TE TF TG TH TI CIRCUIT RI RJ RA RB RC RD RE RF RG RH RK CIRCUIT EA EB EC ED EF EG SATOP Review (302.540/577.041 RSMo) TORTS Employment Discrimination (213.111 RSMo) Public Accommodation (213.111 RSMo) Asbestos Personal Injury - Federal Employee Liability Act Personal Injury - Malpractice Personal Injury - Product Liability Personal Injury - Vehicular Personal Injury - Other Property Damage Wrongful Death Other Tort ADOPTION Adoption - Regular Adoption Step - Child Adoption - Adult JUVENILE Status Offense Delinquency Abuse and Neglect Termination of Parental Rights Permanency Planning Motion Reentry of Custody to CD (Childrens Division) Minor Abortion Contest FAMILY JD JF JG FAMILY JA JB JC JE JH JJ JU FAMILY QA QB QE QQ REAL ESTATE Rent and Possession Unlawful Detainer Application to Enforce Mechanics Lien Eminent Domain/Condemnation State Eminent Domain/Condemnation Other Exception Foreclosure Landlord Complaint Partition Quiet Title Other Real Estate Action RV RW RX PROTECTION ORDERS Adult Abuse without Stalking Adult Abuse Stalking Child Protection Order Registration of Foreign Protection Order EXTRAORDINARY REMEDY Declaratory Judgment Habeas Corpus Injunction Other Extraordinary Remedy Show Cause to Enforce Jury Service Temporary Restraining Order R3 ASSOCIATE EP ET OSCA (02-14) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com CASE TYPES LIST CATEGORY & CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION MISCELLANEOUS CIVIL Action Against Garnishee CAFA Forfeit (513.600 - 513.645 RSMo) Common Law Lien Petition (428.115 RSMo) Contempt Establishment of Charter Examination of Judgment Debtor Expungement/Correction of Arrest Record Expungement of Criminal Records (610.140 RSMo) Out of State Witness Registration of Foreign Judgment (Excluding Domestic Relations) Replevin Revival of Judgment Delinquent City License Fee Delinquent City Tax Delinquent County License Fee Delinquent County Tax Delinquent Sales Tax Delinquent State Taxes Personal Property Taxes Tax Action Other Other Miscellaneous Action Arbitration Filed Trial De Novo Small Claims Trial De Novo Will Contest (473.083 RSMo) Small Claims Certified Motion, Rules 24.035 or 29.15 Pro Forma Decree of Incorporation Transcript Judgment Mechanics Lien Contraband Destruction Order Foreign/Non-Case Document Search Warrant/Investigative Subpoena Grandparent Visitation Owner/Lienholder Petition for Property Release COURT FILED IN CASE TYPE CODE ASSOCIATE CIRCUIT YA YB YC YD YE YF YG Y5 YH YI YJ YK YL YM YN YO YP YQ YR Y1 Y2 Y4 XA XB XC XD XE XF XG X5 XH XI XJ XK XL XM XN XO XP XQ XR XZ X1 X4 XS XT XU XV XW XY NA ND NE NF NZ YT YU PROBATE CATEGORY & CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION WILLS Will Filed During Lifetime Will Filed Only - Deceased Will Admitted or Rejected CASE TYPE CODE P7 P9 PK PJ PX PE PF PG DECEDENT'S ESTATES Determination of Heirship Required Administration Refusal of Letters - Creditor Refusal of Letters - Spouse Refusal of Letters - Minor WITH WILL Small Estate Affidavit Independent Administration Supervised Administration PH PC PA P3 P4 WITHOUT WILL PI PD PB TRUSTS Successor Trustee Trust Registration INCAPACITATED/DISABLED Guardianship Limited Guardianship Conservatorship Limited Conservatorship Guardian/Conservator Limited Guardian/Conservator Dispense with Conservator Standby Guardianship Registration of Foreign Order Guardian/Conservator MINOR PS PL PO PV PY PQ P2 G2 P0 P6 P8 PZ ADULT PR PT PN PP PU PW P1 G1 MISCELLANEOUS Removal of Firearm Disqualification Sexual Predator (632.480) Probate Miscellaneous - Non Case Miscellaneous Probate - Other INVOLUNTARY DETENTION CATEGORY & CASE TYPE DESCRIPTION MENTAL HEALTH Petition for 21 Day Petition for 90 Day Petition for 180 Day Petition for 1 Year Involuntary Detention/Treatment Out of County Petition for Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Treatment Application for 96 Hour Application for Conditional Release CASE TYPE CODE HB HC HD HE HR HF HA HG HO HP HQ SMALL CLAIMS Small Claims Under $100 Small Claims Over $100 Petition for Revocation of Conceal Carry Endorsement (571.117 RSMo) Appeal of Denial of Conceal Carry Endorsement (571.114 RSMo) ASSOCIATE YV YW YX YZ ALCOHOL/DRUG ABUSE Application for 96 Hour Petition for 30 Day Petition for 90 Day OSCA (02-14) American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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