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Special Salary Rate Request Form Form. This is a national form and can be used in OPM US Office Of Personnel Management .
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Special Salary Rate Request Form OPM Form 1397 Instructions General 1. The Special Salary Rate Request Form (Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Form 1397) is an optional form that agencies may use to request that OPM establish, adjust, terminate, or modify coverage of special salary rates under the authority of 5 U.S.C. 5305 and 5 CFR part 530, subpart C. Special salary rates are higher rates of basic pay that are established for a group or category of General Schedule (GS) positions in one or more geographic areas to address existing or likely significant handicaps in recruiting or retaining wellqualified employees. You may use an alternative format to submit data and information required in a special salary rate request. However, you must ensure that all of the available data and information requested by OPM Form 1397 are included in the alternative format. 2. An agency initiating a request to establish or adjust a special salary rate may be required to coordinate the request with all other affected agencies and aggregate the required staffing data from each agency. Contact OPM before submitting any special salary rate request to determine if your agency is required to coordinate the request with other agencies. 3. If you are requesting more than one special rate table for a category of positions (each covering a different geographic area, for example) fill out a separate Form 1397 (or alternative) for each table requested. As part of the analysis, OPM may request that you break down data even further. 4. For each type of special salary rate request covered by this form, you must provide a narrative justification and/or explanation on the reason for the request. See the specific instructions, below, on the type of narrative information needed. 5. When applicable, include the proposed special rate schedule with your request. Section I - Type of Special Salary Rate Request and Agency Contact Information 1. Use OPM Form 1398 if you are requesting an increase equal to the General Schedule increase as part of OPM's annual review of special salary rates. Do not use this form for such requests. 2. For all other types of special rate requests, in this section you must indicate the type of special salary rate request, follow the italicized instructions provided for each type of request, and provide agency contact information. Section II - Coverage Follow the instructions provided on the form for this section. If the request involves an existing special salary rate authorization and no change in occupation, agency, or geographic coverage is involved, do not complete this section. Please ensure that the existing special rate table number is provided in section I. Section III - Staffing Status 1. Follow the instructions provided on the form for this section. If data is unavailable, explain the reason in the narrative justification of your request. 2. When aggregating data from more than one organization, geographic location, or agency, each organization/location should provide data for the same period of time, i.e., use the same beginning and ending dates, if possible. Office of Personnel Management Form authorized for local reproduction American LegalNet, Inc. OPM Form 1397 Instructions Revised May 2003 Section IV - Recruitment and Turnover 1. Follow the instructions provided on the form for this section. If data is unavailable, explain the reason in the narrative justification of your request. 2. "Transfer Data" is needed only for those special salary rate requests in which a significant portion of the staffing problems are attributable to employees leaving for positions in other Federal pay systems. 3. Because the "Number Hired" data is a subset of the "Offers Made" data, the amount of "Number Hired" should not exceed the number of "Offers Made" at each grade level. 4. Because the "Quits for Pay" data is subset of the "Quits" data, the number of "Quits for Pay" should not exceed the number of "Quits" at each grade level. Section V - Proposed Special Rate Schedule Attach a copy of the proposed special salary rate schedule. Explain the basis for the recommended salaries and how they were derived. Provide copies of any salary survey data and information that were used in developing the recommended rates. If you conduct your own salary surveys, you may use the salary comparison worksheet provided as an appendix to this form to document the salary data collected and include a copy of this worksheet with your request. For all salary survey data and information, equate the positions surveyed to General Schedule grade levels so that we can accurately compare salary differences. Note: OPM may have certain off-the-shelf salary surveys and other resources available for pay comparisons. Contact OPM before researching salary survey information. Section VI - Cost Estimate 1. The costs for each grade must be determined as follows: a. Determine the number of employees at each grade and step based on the latest available data (but not earlier than as of the ending data specified in section III of this form). Place all employees with step 00 at step 10. b. Subtract the current annual payable rate for each grade and step (the higher of the applicable General Schedule rate of basic pay, locality-adjusted rate of pay, or existing special salary rate) from the recommended annual special salary rate for that grade and step. (Note: If the special rates will cover positions in non foreign areas, the additional costs for non foreign area cost-of-living allowances must be included in the cost estimate.) For each step, multiply the difference derived in step b. by the total number of employees at that step. c. Total the dollar cost derived in step c. for all steps in each grade. d. For each grade, document the total dollar cost determined under step 4 in the "Cost" column of section VI of this form. Total the cost for each grade and document in the "Total" block. Attach any worksheets used to derive the cost estimate to this request. Note: This cost estimate covers direct salary costs only and excludes additional costs attributable to retirement, overtime pay, and other benefits that are calculated on the basis of an employee's rate of basic pay. This cost estimate does not cover the costs associated with filling positions that are currently vacant. 2. If you expect to significantly increase (i.e., by more than 10 percent) the number of on-board employees in the group covered by the prop
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