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Worksheet For Special Salary Rate Annual Review OPM 1397B - Official Federal Forms

Worksheet For Special Salary Rate Annual Review Form. This is a national form and can be used in OPM US Office Of Personnel Management .
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U.S. OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT WORK SHEET FOR SPECIAL SALARY RATE ANNUAL REVIEW Use this OPM Form 1397B for the annual review of special salary rates only when your agency is requesting an increase EQUAL to the across-the-board General Schedule (GS) increase and is not requesting any type of change in table coverage. Use OPM Form 1397 for all other requests. 1. List the table numbers for all special rate tables for which you are requesting an increase EQUAL to the GS increase: 2. Complete the following certification: CERTIFICATION FOR INCREASE EQUAL TO THE ACROSS-THE-BOARD GENERAL SCHEDULE INCREASE Print clearly the name of the certifying official in the blank space provided in the text of the certification. I, certify that the special rates requested are necessary to ensure staffing adequate to accomplish the agency's mission. This agency has made reasonable efforts to overcome the staffing problems in other ways, including use of some or all of the available human resources flexibilities. Position of certifying official: Signature of certifying official: Date of signature: Name of submitting agency: E-mail address: Name of preparer: Telephone: Date sent to OPM: Form authorized for local reproduction OPM Form 1397B January 2004 American LegalNet, Inc.
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