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Pre Trial Statement (Judge Joseph Gibson) - Ohio

Pre Trial Statement (Judge Joseph Gibson) Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Civil Lake County (Court Of Common Pleas) .
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PRE-TRIAL STATEMENT PRESENT TO BAILIFF FOR JUDGE JOSEPH GIBSON AT TIME OF PRE-TRIAL CASE NO.______________________ PRE-TRIAL DATE__________________________ _________________________________VS._____________________________________ 1. Description of case: 2. Description of injuries or damages: 3. Damages: (Medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, etc.) _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ TOTAL 4. Report on status of the following: A. Depositions B. Defense Medical Examinations C. Exchange of Witness Reports _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ $_____________________ $_____________________ $_____________________ $_____________________ 5. Real party in interest __________________________ Name of carrier 6. STIPULATIONS: Use reverse side _______________________________________ Name of Representative 7. Lowest Demand___________________ Highest offer________________________ 8. Waive Jury______________ Refer to Arbitration___________________ Mediation _________________ Counsel stipulate under provision of Rule 11 to the accuracy of the representations made above. __________________________________________ Counsel for Plaintiff/Defendant (type name below) F:\share\cv\pretrial.frm American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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