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Lessee Award And Lessor Assignee (Leased Vehicle) Calculations (Sample-For Estimating Purposes Only) (Vermont) - Legal Forms

Lessee Award And Lessor Assignee (Leased Vehicle) Calculations (Sample-For Estimating Purposes Only) (Vermont) Form. This is a Legal Forms form and can be used in Lemon Law Consumer .
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LESSEE AWARD & LESSOR ASSIGNEE CALCULATIONS (SAMPLE ­ for estimating purposes only) Security deposit: Capitalized cost reduction: (Exclude rebates or non-cash credits) Payments to lessor: (______mos. @ $______________) SUM TOTAL: $ $ $ $ Lease Usage calculation: I. First repair for claimed condition OR first day out of service for a 30-day claim was at _______________ miles minus _____________ miles at delivery plus _____________ miles over contracted number to the date of hearing = ______________ miles at first repair. II. __________________ miles contracted for per lease provisions minus ________________ 1st repair miles (from I. above) divided by ___________________ miles contracted for per lease provisions = ._______________ (reasonable allowance for use) times (X) SUM TOTAL from above _________________ = $ _______________ minus allocated payments for Vermont's purchase and use tax ONLY IF tax was included in monthly payments (See below for calculation.) $ _______________ plus consequential/incidental damages (including initial registration/title/clean air fees if not included in monthly payments) $ __________________ = $_________________ (to LESSEE) Allocated Vermont purchase & use tax payments: total tax = $_____________ divided by _______ months of lease = $____________ X _______ payments made = $____________ LESSOR ASSIGNEE CALCULATION: Actual purchase cost (adjusted/net capitalized cost) $________________ minus lessee's payments (from above) $ ________________ plus 5% of actual purchase cost $ ___________________ = $______________________ (to LESSOR ASSIGNEE) American LegalNet, Inc.
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