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Order Appointing Special Officer CC-DC-JPR 5 - Maryland

Order Appointing Special Officer Form. This is a Maryland form and can be used in General Circuit-District Court Statewide .
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CIRCUIT COURT Located at STATE OF MARYLAND DISTRICT COURT OF MARYLAND FOR Court Address City/County Case No. vs. Defendant Address City, State, Zip ORDER APPOINTING SPECIAL OFFICER - ATTORNEY, CRIMINAL CASE Pursuant to Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article ยง 2-102, it is ORDERED this day of Month , ,( Year , Attorney, Attorney name appointed as special officer ), is appointed as a special officer. CPF ID No. The special officer attorney's fees are $ / hr. x hours worked. The Defendant does not have the ability to make reimbursement for services rendered by the special officer and any requirement for such reimbursement is waived. Judge ID Number Co-Defendant's Name (If applicable) Case Number Copy Distribution (as applicable): Administrative Clerk Clerk of Court Court Administrator Court File Defendant Special Officer CC-DC-JPR-005 (Rev. 10/2015) American LegalNet, Inc.
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