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Request And Order For Peremptory Setting 2 - North Carolina

Request And Order For Peremptory Setting Form. This is a North Carolina form and can be used in Buncombe (District 28) Local County .
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)250 )& (rev. 4/09) NORTH CAROLINA 28th JUDICIAL DISTRICT BUNCOMBE COUNTY IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE DISTRICT COURT DIVISION _____-CVD- ______________ Judge:___________________ _________________________________ Plaintiff, vs. _________________________________ Defendant. 5(48(67 $1' 25'(5 )25 3(5(03725< 6(77,1* 1. The undersigned moves the court for a peremptory setting of the above case based upon the following reasons: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ . 2. This matter is currently set on the Court term beginning on _______________________________ . 3. The dates that the undersigned is requesting and that all parties and witnesses will be available are: ____________________________________________________________________________. , +(5(%< &(57,)< WKDW D FRS\ RI WKLV 5HTXHVW IRU 3HUHPSWRU\ 6HWWLQJ KDV EHHQ VHUYHG LQ WKH IROORZLQJ PDQQHU WR WKH RSSRVLQJ DWWRUQH\V SDUW\LHV by depositing a copy thereof in the United States mail in a properly addressed, postpaid envelope to: __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ by hand delivery by Sheriff's service $1' D FRS\ RI WKLV GRFXPHQW KDV EHHQ SURYLGHG WR WKH )DPLO\ &RXUW &DVH &RRUGLQDWRU WK -XGLFLDO 'LVWULFW &RXUW 3OD]D 6XLWH $VKHYLOOH 1RUWK &DUROLQD . This the ______ day of __________________ , 20___. _________________________ Signature ____________________________ Printed Name 7KLV 5HTXHVW IRU 3HUHPSWRU\ 6HWWLQJ LV KHUHE\ 'HQLHG *UDQWHG DQG VHW IRU BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB This the ______ day of __________________ , 20____. __________________________________________ Presiding District Court Judge American LegalNet, Inc.
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