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Prime Building Contract Form. This is a Legal Forms form and can be used in Construction .
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PRIME BUILDING CONTRACT THIS AGREEMENT IS BETWEEN: Contractor's Name: ______________________________ Contractor's License Number: ______________________ Contractor's Address: _____________________________________________________ Contractor's Telephone/Fax: _______________________ _____________________ AND Owner's Name: __________________________________ Owner's Address: ______________________________________________________ Owner's Telephone/Fax: ________________________ _______________________ RE PROJECT: _____________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT (according to the plans and specifications, including materials and equipment to be used or installed): Contractor will furnish all labor, materials and equipment to construct in a good workmanlike manner. WORK TO BE PERFORMED AT: TIME FOR COMPLETION: The work to be performed by Contractor pursuant to this Agreement shall be substantially completed within ___________________ (__) days or approximately on (Date): _______________________ (month & day), _______ (year). PAYMENT: This is a cash transaction. Owner agrees to pay Contractor a total cash price of _________________________ Dollars ($_________). DOWN PAYMENT: (if any) ______________________ Dollars ($__________). PAYMENT SCHEDULE as follows: INTEREST: Overdue payments will bear interest at the rate of _______________ percent per month. OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS (if any): _________________________________ Owner's Signature _____________________ Date _________________________________ Contractor's Signature _____________________ Date American LegalNet, Inc. ©
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