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Employee Cell Phone Policy: Company issued cell phones are for business purposes only. Personal calls on a Company issued cell phone are strictly prohibited. Using a Company issued cell phone while operating a vehicle is strongly discouraged. Whenever possible, an employee should place and accept phone calls while the vehicle is not in operation. Employees using a Company issued cell phone are not permitted to make public their cell phone telephone number except to entities involved in Company business. Westmoreland Company will not reimburse employees for business calls made on personal cell phones. Employees that feel that they need to use a cell phone for Company business, must follow the procedures in acquiring a Company issued cell phone. Misuse of a Company issued cell phone will result in automatic revocation of cell phone and possible disciplinary action (up to and including discharge) and/or criminal charges. Cell phones will be audited on a monthly basis (or such other periods as the Company Commissioner may direct to examine usage). The Company has the right to terminate an account any time. The Company also has the right to suspend or alter plans at any time. Any employee attending a conference out of town is urged to use the Company's toll free telephone numbers to make calls to the office. Company issued cell phones should only be used to call the office when use of a land-line phone is not an option. No employee or department head, other than the purchasing department, is permitted to negotiate any individual Company cell phone plan with an outside vendor. Lost, damaged, or stolen phones are the responsibility of the employee that the phone is assigned to. The purchasing department will have pricing information for the cost of a replacement phone. Procedure for acquiring Company cell phone: All requests for Company cell phones must go through the Purchasing Department. 1. Request form must be filled out, and signed, by the requesting Department Head/ Elected Official. 2. Cell phone request form is then submitted to Purchasing Department for approval 3. Purchasing Department is the only point of contact to cell phone providers. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Purchasing Department will review request form and, if approved, assign a phone and appropriate plan to go with that phone based on the initial estimated monthly usage. Once a plan has been established, the purchasing department will record the phone number and asset allocation sticker number on the request form. A copy of approved request form will be kept on file in purchasing department, with another copy forwarded to the requesting department. The employee receiving the cell phone must sign an acknowledgement of receipt of phone and financial responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to the phone. I have read [organization's] anti-piracy statement and agree to abide by it as consideration for my continued employment by [organization]. I understand that violation of any above policies may result in my termination. User Signature Date American LegalNet, Inc. ©
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