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Financing Statement Amendment Addendum UCC3Ad - Utah

Financing Statement Amendment Addendum Form. This is a Utah form and can be used in Uniform Commercial Code Corporations Division Department Of Commerce .
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UCC FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT ADDENDUM FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS 11. INITIAL FINANCING STATEMENT FILE NUMBER: Same as item 1a on Amendment form 12. NAME OF PARTY AUTHORIZING THIS AMENDMENT: Same as item 9 on Amendment form 12a. ORGANIZATION'S NAME OR 12b. INDIVIDUAL'S SURNAME FIRST PERSONAL NAME ADDITIONAL NAME(S)/INITIAL(S) SUFFIX THE ABOVE SPACE IS FOR FILING OFFICE USE ONLY 13. Name of DEBTOR on related financing statement (Name of a current Debtor of record required for indexing purposes only in some filing offices - see Instruction item 13): Provide only one Debtor name (13a or 13b) (use exact, full name; do not omit, modify, or abbreviate any part of the Debtor's name); see Instructions if name does not fit 13a. ORGANIZATION'S NAME OR 13b. INDIVIDUAL'S SURNAME FIRST PERSONAL NAME ADDITIONAL NAME(S)/INITIAL(S) SUFFIX 14. ADDITIONAL SPACE FOR ITEM 8 (Collateral): 15. This FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT: covers as-extracted collateral is filed as a fixture filing 16. Name and address of a RECORD OWNER of real estate described in item 17 (if Debtor does not have a record interest): covers timber to be cut 17. Description of real estate: 18. MISCELLANEOUS: FILING OFFICE COPY -- UCC FINANCING STATEMENT AMENDMENT ADDENDUM (Form UCC3Ad) (Rev. 04/20/11) International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA)
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