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Notification That Supplementary Search Request Is Considered Not To Have Been Submitted PCT-IB-379 - Official Federal Forms

Notification That Supplementary Search Request Is Considered Not To Have Been Submitted Form. This is a national form and can be used in International Bureau PCT US Patent Office .
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PATENT COOPERATION TREATY From the INTERNATIONAL BUREAU PCT NOTIFICATION THAT SUPPLEMENTARY SEARCH REQUEST IS CONSIDERED NOT TO HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED (PCT Rules 45bis.1(e) and 45bis.4(d)) To: Date of mailing (day/month/year) Applicant's or agent's file reference IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION International application No. International filing date (day/month/year) Applicant The applicant is hereby notified in respect of the supplementary international search to be carried out by _________________ that the supplementary search request is declared by the International Bureau not to have been submitted for the reason(s) indicated below: a. b. The supplementary search request was received by the International Bureau after the expiration of 22 months from the priority date (Rule 45bis.1(e)(i)). The Authority specified for supplementary search has not stated, in the applicable agreement under Article 16(3)(b), its preparedness to carry out supplementary international searches (Rule 45bis.1(e)(ii)) (specify): c. The Authority specified for supplementary search is not competent to carry out a supplementary international search for this international application because it is the Authority carrying out the international search under Article 16(1) (Rule 45bis.1(e)(ii)). Failure to correct certain defects: An invitation (Form PCT/IB/378) to correct defects in the supplementary search request was mailed by the International Bureau on ____________________________________________________________ However, no corrections and/or the translation, in response to that invitation, have been received within the prescribed time limit. the applicant's corrections as submitted do not properly correct the defects noted under item(s)____________ in that invitation. d. e. Failure to pay prescribed fees: An invitation (Form PCT/IB/377) to pay the prescribed fees was mailed by the International Bureau on ____________________________________________________________________________ However, within the time limit referred to in that invitation: no fees have been paid the amounts paid are not sufficient to cover the supplementary search handling fee, the supplementary search fee and the late payment fee. The International Bureau of WIPO 34, chemin des Colombettes 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland Facsimile No. +41 22 338 82 70 Form PCT/IB/379 (July 2017) Authorized officer Telephone No. +41 22 338 XX XX American LegalNet, Inc.
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