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Application For Admission By Eligible Law Student - Official Federal Forms

Application For Admission By Eligible Law Student Form. This is a national form and can be used in 3rd Circuit Court Of Appeals Circuit Court Of Appeals .
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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE THIRD CIRCUIT APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION BY ELIGIBLE LAW STUDENT PURSUANT TO 3rd Cir. LAR 46.3 I,_______________________________, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and that in practicing as an eligible law student under 3rd Cir. LAR 46.3, I shall conduct myself strictly in accordance with the terms of that rule and according to law. Signature SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME THIS DAY OF , 200_ (This oath to be sworn to before a Notary Public, or any other person authorized to administer oaths, and the seal affixed). American LegalNet, Inc.
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