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Authorization Of The Backer Legal Entity For Release Of Financial Information - Connecticut

Authorization Of The Backer Legal Entity For Release Of Financial Information Form. This is a Connecticut form and can be used in Liquor Control Division Department Of Consumer Protection Statewide .
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DCPLC - Backer Auth Rev 3/17 STATE OF CONNECTICUT LIQUOR CONTROL DIVISION Telephone: (860) 713-6210 Email: Web Site: DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION Authorization of the Proposed Backer Legal Entity for Release of Financial Information This form must be completed by a duly authorized representative of the backer identified in Section D of the new application: A. BUSINESS INFORMATION 1. Name of Backer Business Entity: 2. Address of Backer Business Entity: (street & number) City: State: Zip code: 3. Name of Authorized Representative: (last, first, middle) 4. Business Title of Representative: 5. Address of Authorized Representative: (street & number) City: State: Zip code: 6. Telephone Number of Authorized Representative: 7. Fax Number: 8. Email Address B. AUTHORIZATION: 1. I authorize any agent from the State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection to obtain any information related to the business entity identified in item #1 above from financial or lending institutions, credit bureaus, consumer reporting agencies, licensing agencies and retail business establishments or individuals. 2. I agree that no individual or entity shall be held liable for use of this authorization to determine my suitability for a liquor permit. C. PERSONAL CERTIFICATION: I certify, under penalty of law that the information provided in this authorization is true to the best of my knowledge. _____________________________________________________________________ Signature of duly authorized representative of the backer _________________________ Date American LegalNet, Inc.
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