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Statement Of Conveyance Of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Property DTE 102 - Ohio

Statement Of Conveyance Of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Property Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Auditors Office Geauga County (Court Of Common Pleas) .
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DTE Form 102 Prescribed 12/07 Date: ______________ File No.: ___________________ STATEMENT OF CONVEYANCE OF CURRENT AGRICULTURAL USE VALUATION PROPERTY TO BE ATTACHED TO CONVEYANCE FEE FORMS, DTE 100 & 100 (EX) Grantor's Name ___________________________________________________________________ Grantor's Address _________________________________________________________________ Grantee's Name ___________________________________________________________________ Taxing District ______________ Parcel or Account No. ________________________________ The grantor of the property referred to above states that the property has qualified for the current agricultural use valuation exemption under section 5713.30 of the Ohio Revised Code for the preceding or the current tax year. The grantee is aware that if the property does not continue to so qualify, either for the current or for the succeeding tax year, it will be subject to a recoupment charge equal to the tax savings as described in sections 5713.30(C) and 5713.34 of the Ohio Revised Code. Furthermore, the grantor and the grantee have considered and accounted for the total estimated amount of such recoupment, if any, to the satisfaction of both the grantee and the grantor. Is this parcel enrolled in an Agricultural District? _____ yes Does the Grantee intend to: ____1. Keep farming and apply for the C.A.U.V. program. ____2. Pay recoupage at the time of transfer. ____3. Have recoupage added to next year's tax bill. ______________________________________ Signature of Grantor or Representative ______________________________________ Signature of Grantee or Representative Sworn to or affirmed in my presence, this ______ day of _______________ , ______. These figures are correct only if parcel(s) transfer before next tax duplicate. Recoupage 2015 Tax Year $__________ 2014 Tax Year 2013 Tax Year TOTAL $__________ $__________ $__________ ______________________________________ Notary Public _____ no Endorsement by County Auditor: Upon presentation of this instrument, the County Auditor shall endorse it, provide copies at that time to grantees/grantors and/or representatives, and maintain a copy on file evidencing delivery to the County Auditor. County Auditor (Deputy): _______________________________ Date: ___________ American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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