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Application For Address Name DBA Or Dealer License Type Change BMV 4443 - Ohio

Application For Address Name DBA Or Dealer License Type Change Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Dealer Licensing Bureau Of Motor Vehicles Statewide .
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OHIO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES USED MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER APPLICATION FOR ADDRESS CHANGE INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL RESULT IN THE DELAY OF PROCESSING YOUR APPLICATION. Change of status notice is required in writing, within 15 days of the change [R.C. 4517.23]. Change of Address CURRENT INFORMATION EXACT BUSINESS NAME REGISTERED DBA OR TRADE NAME CURRENT BUSINESS STREET ADDRESS CITY INITIAL P.O. BOX STATE ZIP CODE DEALER PERMIT # DEALER PLATE # BUSINESS TELEPHONE E-MAIL ADDRESS (OPTIONAL) COUNTY Add / Remove a P.O. Box It is understood that a physical inspection will be performed by BMV Investigations shortly after issuance. If the licensed location fails to meet any of the listed requirements it will be immediately referred to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board for possible suspension or revocation of the license. Note: The issuance of a Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License does not supersede local zoning. The State of Ohio (BMV) Dealer Licensing is the regulator of motor vehicle dealers, but does not pre-empt the enforcement by local authorities of local zoning, health, or safety codes or laws. It is recommended that each applicant check zoning regulations applicable to the proposed facility with their local authority prior to making application. INITIAL CHANGE OF ADDRESS NEW BUSINESS STREET ADDRESS CITY P.O. BOX STATE ZIP CODE BUSINESS TELEPHONE COUNTY NEW VENDOR'S NUMBER ( IF APPLICABLE) Contact your County Auditor to determine if a new vendor's number is required. Photographs of the location must accompany the application via mail or e-mail showing the office (inside and outside) and the business sign. Photographs sent via e-mail must be sent as an attachment and in JPG format only to dealerphotos@dps.state.oh.us. Please include your business name and permit number in the subject line of your e-mail. ADD OR REMOVE P.O. BOX *P.O. BOX P.O. BOX ADD REMOVE *Must be within the same city and zip code of the physical address. P.O. Box change only does not require an inspection. MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER PERMIT (REQUIRED) AMENDED REGISTRATION CARDS MASTER PLATE + ADDITIONAL PLATES (REQUIRED, IF ISSUED LICENSE PLATES) $1.00 x GRAND TOTAL FEE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO "OHIO TREASURER OF STATE" $ $ $ FEES 2.00 BMV 4443 8/13 [17601163] Page 1 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com USED MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Below are listed the physical requirements for application. Affirm that each requirement meets exactly as intended at the time of application and shall remain in compliance the entire time the license is held. INITIAL INITIAL The business must have a net worth of at least $75,000 (assets ­ liabilities) and maintained throughout the course of holding a valid license. The dealership must be used exclusively for the purpose of offering for sale, displaying for sale, or dealing in motor vehicles: A dealership may be considered used exclusively for the purpose of dealing in motor vehicles, even though certain departments are maintained there, provided that those departments are operated in support of the dealership. Those departments may include, but not limited to, parts, service, paint, and repair. INITIAL INITIAL The proposed location must be easily accessible from a public roadway and identified as a motor vehicle dealership. The established place of business shall include a lot of at least 3,500 square feet, not including driveways, and have adequate ground cover of a hard surface (gravel, concrete, etc.) to prevent the collection of dust, mud, water, or other unsightly conditions. The display lot must be separated from any other business including unrelated repair facility or residence with a permanent physical barrier that is sufficient to deter normal vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The barrier may not be able to be moved or removed during anytime in which the license is held. A permanent office of at least 180 square feet of usable office area shall be located on the display lot, which shall be kept in a neat and orderly fashion. The office must include the following: INITAL INITIAL OFFICE CHECKLIST FOR A USED MOTOR VEHICLE DEALERS Desk Electric lighting sufficient for an office Telephone, in service at all times, answered in dealership name INITIAL Three Chairs Heating sufficient for an office Filing Cabinet The business hours must be prominently displayed and maintained with the office staffed by a person licensed under chapter 4517 of the R.C. during the entire time the license is held. A sign that displays the business name in which the application is made, any registered trade names in letters, and letters shall be no less than six inches high, be permanent, properly maintained and prominently displayed by the entrance of the office, if the sign is not visible from the public roadway. Required at the time of application, the applicant must provide clear photographs (via mail or e-mail) of the location showing; 1) the display lot 2) the office (inside and outside) INITIAL INITIAL 3) the sign with the business name, including any registered trade names. PHOTOS MAY BE SUBMITTED BY MAIL WITH THE APPLICATION OR BY E-MAIL TO dealerphotos@dps.state.oh.us Please DO NOT submit an application until you meet the USED MOTOR VEHICLE DEALER PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS that have been listed above. Fees are non-refundable. BMV 4443 8/13 [17601163] Page 2 of 3 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com Yes No Are you or do you intend on sharing the proposed business location with another licensed motor vehicle dealer? *If yes, indicate the business name and permit number below. (*A Certificate of Compliance form (BMV 4347) must be submitted with this application) PERMIT NUMBER BUSINESS NAME Yes No To your knowledge was the proposed business location previously occupied by another licensed motor vehicle dealer? If "yes", indicate the business name, if available. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR DRIVER LICENSE IF YOU DRIVE WITHOUT INSURANCE OR OTHER ACCEPTABLE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COVERAGE · · · · · · · · · In Ohio, it is illegal to drive any motor vehicle without insurance or other financial responsibility (FR) coverage. It is also illegal for any motor vehicle owner to allow anyone else to drive the owner's vehicle without FR coverage. PROOF OF COVERAGE IS REQUIRED: · Whenever a police officer issues a traffic ticket · At all vehicle inspection stops · Upon traffic court appearances and · Upon random checks by the Registrar of Motor V
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