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Motor Vehicle Show Request BMV 4445 - Ohio

Motor Vehicle Show Request Form. This is a Ohio form and can be used in Dealer Licensing Bureau Of Motor Vehicles Statewide .
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OHIO DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIS SAFETY BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES MOTOR VEHICLE SHOW REQUEST* All blanks must be completed. Once completed, forward to the address listed below. A sample of the invitation letter sent to all licensed dealers within the defined market area must be included. All requests must be received forty-five days prior to the opening date of the show to allow time for processing. PRINT LEGIBLY IN INK OR TYPE NAME OF SPONSOR CONTACT PERSON ADDRESS TELEPHONE NUMBER ( ) FACSIMILE NUMBER ( ) CITY STATE ZIP CODE EMAIL ADDRESS DATE(S) OF SHOW SHOW LOCATION CITY GEOGRAPHIC MARKET AREA Provide the geographic definition of the market area used to invite all new motor vehicle dealers dealing in competitive makes and models, or attach a clearly marked map showing radius or encircled market area. MARKET AREA NOTE The market area specified by the show sponsor does not preclude any participating dealer from first complying with the defined market area stipulated contractually in their agreement with the manufacturer. Furthermore, any dispute arising due to the market area defined in such contract between dealer and manufacturer will be between them, and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles shall not intervene. The invitation shall be made in the same manner and at the same time to all dealerships within the established market area. SWORN STATEMENT As the sponsor of this new motor vehicle show, I understand that I assume full responsibility and liability for any violations of Section 4517.22 of the Ohio Revised Code which might occur during or as a result of this event, and that such violation is a misdemeanor, according to R.C. 4517.99. As sponsor, we have established and imposed adequate controls, precautions and sanctions of the participants that are sufficient to inhibit or limit violations of this section. I also affirm that all new motor vehicle dealers within the defined market area have been offered, by mail, an invitation to participate in this event. SIGNATURE OF CONTACT PERSON DATE X RETURN FORM TO: OHIO BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES DEALER LICENSING SECTION P.O. BOX 16521, COLUMBUS, OHIO 43216-6521 Telephone number: (614) 752-7637 or, you may send by facsimile to: (614) 752-7220 www.OhioAutoDealers.com BMV 4445 1/08 American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkflow.com
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