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Consent To E-Filing Court Of Claims Case - New York

Consent To E-Filing Court Of Claims Case Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Court Of Claims Statewide .
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COURT OF CLAIMS OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ---------------------------------------------------------------------x Claimant(s), - against - Claim No. CONSENT TO E-FILING COURT OF CLAIMS CASE * Defendant(s). ---------------------------------------------------------------------x I, , am an attorney for a party or a self-represented party in the above-captioned action, and I consent to the use of the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System ("NYSCEF") in this case. I further consent to be bound by the service and filing provisions of the NYSCEF Rules (Sections 206.5 and 206.5-aa of the Uniform Rules for the Trial Courts) and will comply with the procedures of the NYSCEF system, which are reflected in the User's Manual approved by the Chief Administrator of the Courts and posted on the NYSCEF website. Pursuant to the Rules, I have, or will promptly hereafter, set forth in my NYSCEF registration application form an e-mail address that shall constitute the E-Mail Service Address of Record (Primary Address) for the purpose of electronic service of each filing under the Rules. ** Signature Law Firm Name Print or Type Name Address Attorney for (Identify party or parties) Phone E-Mail * Under the Rules, consent of parties is required for filing and service by or upon those parties through NYSCEF. If an attorney has previously registered as a NYSCEF Filing User, the consent may be filed and served by means of the NYSCEF system. ** Although under the Rules electronic service is effectuated only through the E-Mail Service Address of Record (Primary Address), additional notice of filings may be obtained through the listing of E-Mail General Addresses of Record. Such addresses may be listed on the registration application and may be recorded in the Profile Section of the NYSCEF system. See 9/26/08 American LegalNet, Inc.
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