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Request For Tax Parcel Division And-Or Consolidation - Illinois

Request For Tax Parcel Division And-Or Consolidation Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Assessments Kane Local County .
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Request for Tax Parcel Division and/or Consolidation KANE COUNTY ASSESSMENT OFFICE 719 South Batavia Avenue, Building C Geneva, Illinois 60134-3000 (630) 208-3818 REQUEST FOR TAX YEAR (_____________) I hereby request the Kane County Supervisor of Assessments to reconfigure the tax parcel boundaries of the property represented by the following permanent index number(s), by consolidating and/or dividing the property to be listed as (______) new parcels. Use additional pages if necessary to list the existing parcels and the new parcel(s) legal description(s) _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ NEW TAX PARCEL INFORMATION (Please Print) Requester's Name:____________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Phone:____________________________email____________________________ I hereby certify that I am the owner, trustee, or person having power of attorney for the owner of the above listed parcels. All owners or their representatives must sign. Requester's Signature ____________________________ Date ______________ Do you want to be contacted when the new tax parcels are available? YES or NO Contact phone number or email address _____________________________________________________________________________ Please see the next page for important information regarding Tax Parcel Divisions Page 1 of 2 Form SOA-6766 (06-2014) American LegalNet, Inc. Requirements for Filing 1. Creating a tax parcel does not guarantee that the parcel may be built upon or improved due to local permitting requirements. 2. Divisions can not be processed until both installments of all current tax payments are paid in full. 3. Divisions or consolidations can not be processed until all previous tax payments are paid in full. 4. Ownership must be identical for all parcels to be consolidated. 5. All parcels to be consolidated must have the same tax code. 6. All parcels to be consolidated must be adjacent. 7. All requests received after August 31st. will be processed for the following tax year. 8. A survey is required for all requests that involve legal descriptions with vertical elevations. 9. This request form cannot be used to make changes to a condominium. An amendment may have to be adopted and filed with the Recorder of Deeds. 10. Please include property location information for each new tract if available. 11. If the property is in trust, the trustee must sign the request. If you have questions, please contact: The Kane County Supervisor of Assessments Office Mapping Department 719 S Batavia Ave ­ Building "C" Geneva, Illinois 60134 Phone: (630) 208-3818 Fax: (630) 208-3824 Please note that the informal County administrative review suggested herein is performed Page 2 of 2 Form SOA-6766 (06-2014) American LegalNet, Inc.
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