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Proof Of Service CC-PPO 1 - Michigan

Proof Of Service Form. This is a Michigan form and can be used in Domestic Relations Oakland Local County .
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STATE OF MICHIGAN 6th JUDICIAL CIRCUIT COUNTY OF OAKLAND 1200 N. TELEGRAPH RD, PONTIAC, MI 48341 PROOF OF SERVICE CASE NO. (248) 975-9511 1. I SERVED A COPY OF Petition for Personal Protection Order/Stalking Verified Statement Notice of Hearing Personal Protection Order/Personal Protection Order Stalking Motion and Order to Show Cause for Violation of a Personal Protection Order Motion to Modify/Extend/Terminate Personal Protection Order Petition/Order Appoint Next Friend Order Modify/Extend/Terminate Personal Protection Order Order Deny/Dismiss Personal Protection Order Other 2. NAME OF PERSON SERVED COMPLETE ADDRESS WHERE PERSON WAS SERVED DAY, DATE, TIME 3. by personal service or registered mail, restricted delivery (copy of return receipt attached): or Respondent was verbally notified by law enforcement officer clerk of the court the existence of the Personal Protection Order, the conduct prohibited by the Personal Protection Order, the penalties for violating the Personal Protection Order and where the respondent can obtain a copy of the Personal Protection Order. a. Being 1st duly sworn, I am: A legally competent adult who is not a party or an officer of a corporate party: PLEASE HAVE FORM NOTARIZED or b. I am: of: 4. A sheriff, deputy sheriff, bailiff, appointed court officer, or attorney for a party [MCR2.104(A)(2)], NAME OF PERSON COMPLETING SERVICE (Type or Print) Subscribed and sworn to before me on Date SIGNATURE OF PERSON COMPLETING SERVICE , County, Michigan My commission expires: Date Signature: Notary Public COMPLETE ONLY IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE PERSON After diligent search and inquiry, I have been unable to find and serve the respondent/petitioner. I have made the following efforts in attempting to serve process: ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF SERVICE I acknowledge that I received a copy of the documents checked off in Number 1 (above): Day, date, time Signature Ppo-pro 1 (12/10) Print full name American LegalNet, Inc. www.FormsWorkFlow.com
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