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Reply Affidavit - New York

Reply Affidavit Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Supreme Court Queens Local County .
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Instructions: Fill in the names of the parties and the Index Number. Complete the blank spaces next to the instructions printed in bold type. PRINT AND USE BLACK INK ONLY. SIGN YOUR NAME BEFORE A NOTARY PUBLIC. SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF QUEENS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------X __________________________________________, [FILL IN NAME(S)] Plaintiff(s)/Petitioner(s) -against- Index No. _____________/______ REPLY AFFIDAVIT __________________________________________, [FILL IN NAME(S)] Defendant(s)/Respondent(s) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------X STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF __________________[COUNTY WHERE NOTARIZED] ss: _______________________________________________[YOUR NAME], being duly sworn, deposes and says: 1. I am the plaintiff/petitioner/defendant/respondent in this action/proceeding. I make this affidavit in reply to the affidavit(s) in opposition of [STATE THE NAME OF THE PARTY WHO OPPOSED YOUR MOTION] and in further support of my motion for an order [STATE WHAT RELIEF YOU WANT THE COURT TO GRANT YOU IN THIS MOTION] . 2. [STATE YOUR REPLY TO THE AFFIDAVIT(S) IN OPPOSITION. USE ADDITIONAL PAPER IF NECESSARY.] American LegalNet, Inc. . WHEREFORE, I respectfully request that this motion be granted, and that I have such other and further relief as may be just and proper. __________________________________ [SIGN YOUR NAME BEFORE A NOTARY PUBLIC] __________________________________ [PRINT YOUR NAME] Sworn to before me on ______day of _____________, 20__ __________________________________ Notary Public American LegalNet, Inc.
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