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Waiver Of Trial 171-46 - Illinois

Waiver Of Trial Form. This is a Illinois form and can be used in Criminal Lake Local County .
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STATE OF ILLINOIS) ) SS COUNTY OF LAKE ) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE NINETEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT LAKE COUNTY, ILLINOIS THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS vs. ______________________________________ Defendant ) ) ) ) ) Gen. No. __________________ WAIVER OF TRIAL I, ______________ the Defendant in the above numbered case(s) understand that I have a right to a trial to determine the facts and whether I am guilty or innocent of the charge(s) brought against me. The trial would be either by a jury which would consist of twelve (12) people chosen from the community or a bench trial heard by a judge only. I also understand that if I waive my right to trial there will not be a trial by jury or by a judge in my case today, or any other time in the future. I further understand that when I waive my right to trial, I also waive my rights during trial, which include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The right to plead not guilty or persist in any not guilty plea made previously; The right to be presumed innocent of the charge(s) filed against me; The right to require the prosecution to prove my guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; The right not to be required to testify against myself; The right to see and hear the prosecution's witnesses and evidence in open court and to question or cross examine those witnesses; and The right to present evidence or call witnesses of my own and have the court require them to come to court to testify for me. I also acknowledge that I have been advised of the nature of the charges; the minimum and maximum sentence prescribed by law, including, the penalty to which I may be subjected because of prior convictions or consecutive sentences; and that I have a right to counsel and, if indigent, to have counsel appointed for me by the court. I have read the above, and freely, voluntarily and understandingly waive my right to trial and trial rights, and state that no force, threats or promises - apart from any plea agreement made known to the court ­ were used to obtain this waiver. _____________________ DATE __________________________________________________________________ DEFENDANT The Court finds that the information set forth above has been conveyed to the Defendant personally in open court and that the Defendant has freely, voluntarily and understandingly waived his right to trial. _____________________ DATE __________________________________________________________________ JUDGE 171-46 2/07 American LegalNet, Inc.
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