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Stipulation Of Settlement (Short Form) CIV-GP-33 - New York

Stipulation Of Settlement (Short Form) Form. This is a New York form and can be used in Civil Court New York Local County .
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CIVIL COURT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF Part Index No. Plaintiff(s), -against- SHORT FORM STIPULATION OF SETTLEMENT Defendant(s). STIPULATION OF SETTLEMENT The parties agree that this claim is settled for (Amount) I to be paid by (Name) , or on or before (Date) , to (Name) at: (Address) as follows: Upon such payment, all parties shall be released from liability to each other concerning the matters in this dispute, and (Name) shall send a stipulation of discontinuance with prejudice to (Name) within if days. fails to make payment as agreed to above, (Name) (Name) may complete an Affidavit of Non- Compliance in the Clerk's Office setting forth such default and shall be entitled to: (SELECT ONE OPTION) less any payments made, together with statutory interest and disbursements. a) enter Judgment for Statutory interest shall be calculated from the date of non-compliance with the stipulation. Before obtaining a judgment, shall send to day written notice of the a default by ordinary mail with a certificate of mailing. A copy Of the mailed default notice, an affidavit of service of the default notice, and a certificate of mailing, shall be filed with the clerk entering judgment. The judgment creditor shall send a satisfaction of judgment to the judgment debtor within days of receipt of full payment. , b) (restore the case to the calendar for trial) OR (for a hearing on compliance with the stipulation). (Cross out inapplicable choice). Signature Date Signature Date Signature Date Print Name and Title CIV-GP-33 (Revised 3/07) Print Name and Title Print Name and Title American LegalNet, Inc.
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