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Partnership Cancellation Certificate - Arizona

Partnership Cancellation Certificate Form. This is a Arizona form and can be used in Partnerships Secretary Of State .
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State of Arizona SEND BY MAIL TO: All Limited Partnerships Partnership Cancellation Certificate OR return this application in person: Office of the Secretary of State DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE IN-PERSON ONLY - We accept major credit cards and bank debit cards. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY SOSBSPARTNERSHIPCANCEL REV. 3/12/2015 INSTRUCTIONS When to use this form: This certificate may be used for all types of partnerships on file with the Secretary of State. Be Accurate: Complete all applicable fields on this form. Write legibly; or fill out this application online at and print it. Submission: Submit this cancellation certificate in duplicate (one original, one copy) with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with payment. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Filing Fee and Payment: $10, plus $3 per page; If filing by mail, make checks or money orders payable to the: Secretary of State. Processing: 2-3 weeks; expedited service (24-48 hours) available for an additional $25. Website: website, 1. PARTNERSHIP INFORMATION (As on your current certificate on file with the Secretary of State) A. Name of Partnership ON FILE B. Secretary of State File Number Registration Number: C. Date Certificate was Filed Month Day Year 2. CANCELLATION INFORMATION A. Reason for Cancellation: B. Effective Date: Month Day Year 3. GENERAL PARTNER(S) 1. General Partner (Printed) 1st 2. General Partner (Printed) 2nd 3. General Partner (Printed) 3rd 4. General Partner (Printed) 4th 5. General Partner (Printed) 5th Signature Date Date Date Date Date / / / / / / / / / Arizona Department of State Office of the Secretary of State American LegalNet, Inc. / Michele Reagan, Secretary of State
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