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AES-03 Stack Information 52054 - Indiana

AES-03 Stack Information Form. This is a Indiana form and can be used in Air Department Of Enviromental Management Statewide .
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AES ­ 03 STACK INFORMATION State Form 52054 (3-05) INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT IDEM - Office of Air Quality Technical Support and Modeling Section ­ Mail Code 61-51 100 N. Senate Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204-2251 Telephone: (317) 233-0178 or Toll Free: 1-800-451-6027 x30178 (within Indiana) NOTES: · · · · Please list all stacks associated with a reportable emission unit. Stacks can be either physical or logical stacks. Physical stacks are just that, a structure that vents emissions to the atmosphere. Logical stacks can be best described as emission escape points like doors, windows or building vents. Please use additional forms as needed when reporting stack information. If you do not know the specific coordinates of the stack, you may use the facility coordinates. a.) ID # b.) Description Section 6: Stack Parameters c.) d.) e.) Height Diameter Flow (ft) (ft) (acfm) f.) Temp (F) g.) Latitude h.) Longitude American LegalNet, Inc.
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