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Application For Certificate Of Compliance LT 01 - Nevada

Application For Certificate Of Compliance Form. This is a Nevada form and can be used in Liquor Tax Department Of Taxation Statewide .
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NEVADA DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION 1550 E. COLLEGE PARKWAY STE. 115 CARSON CITY NV 89706 (775) 684-2125 or (775) 684-2126 APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE SUBMIT $50.00 FEE FOR CURRENT FISCAL YEAR JULY 1 TO JUNE 30 ENCLOSE COPY OF FEDERAL BASIC PERMIT DBA, if any: Name of Company: Business Address: Mailing Address: Email Address: Phone No: FEIN No: Zip Code: Zip Code: _ _ _ The above named hereby applies to the Department of Taxation for a Certificate of Compliance, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 369.430. Applicant is a: Corporation LLC Partnership Individual Other: Applicant will be selling to: Nevada wholesalers Owners, Partners or Officers: Directly to Nevada consumers Applicant is an: Importer Bottler of Liquor Rectifier Brewer Distiller Manufacturer Producer Vintner Or the designated agent of one of these (copy of designation attached) No Distillers within the state of Nevada: Applicant will be importing Liquor and/or Ethyl Alcohol to further refine: Yes Pursuant to NRS 597.210 sections 1 and 2 effective May 1, 1975: Applicant may not participate in a retail or wholesale business of alcoholic beverages in the state of Nevada as an owner, partner, or through a subsidiary, affiliate, ownership equity or any other manner. Applicant promises if granted a Certificate of Compliance: (1) to faithfully comply with all laws of the State of Nevada pertaining to the sale and shipping of liquors into Nevada and to comply with all rules and regulations of the Department of Taxation; (2) to furnish the Department on or before the 10th of each month, an LTD 04 report with copies of invoices, showing the quantity of liquor sold, shipped, or delivered to each licensed liquor import/wholesaler or permittee in Nevada. Such reports shall state: (1) name and location/address of the Nevada import/wholesaler or permittee to whom each shipment was made; and (2) invoice number, date and number of packages or cases, and the breakdown in gallons by alcoholic percent content. The Department may contact you regarding possible additional licensing requirements. Executed Signature: day of (Owner, Partner or Officer) 20 at (City) , (State) To email, save this form to your computer and email the attachment to with the subject of `Certificate of Compliance Application'. Your email, including attachments, cannot exceed 10 MB. Remember to submit a copy of your federal basic permit and your check for the $50.00 fee with this completed application. Compliance Services: Power of attorney Date: ____________ Amt: _______________ For Department Use Only: Ck No: _______________________________ Init: _____________ American LegalNet, Inc. LT 01 Revised: 5-21-14 NRS 369.430 Certificate of compliance. 1. By regulation, the Department shall prescribe the form of application for and the form of a certificate of compliance, which must be printed and distributed to exporters of liquor into this State to assist them in legally exporting liquor into this State. 2. An intending importer may not legally receive or accept any shipment of liquor except from a holder of a certificate of compliance. 3. Before a person may engage in business as a supplier, the person must obtain a certificate of compliance from the Department. 4. The Department shall grant a certificate of compliance to any out-of-state vendor of liquors who undertakes in writing: (a) To furnish the Department on or before the 10th day of each month a report under oath showing the quantity and type of liquor sold and shipped by the vendor to each licensed importer of liquor in Nevada during the preceding month; (b) That the vendor and all his or her agents and any other agencies controlled by the vendor will comply faithfully with all laws of this State and all regulations of the Department respecting the exporting of liquor into this State; (c) That the vendor will make available for inspection and copying by the Department any books, documents and records, whether within or outside this State, which are pertinent to his or her activities or the activities of his or her agents or any other agencies controlled by the vendor within this State and which relate to the sale and distribution of his or her liquors within this State; and (d) That the vendor will appoint a resident of this State as his or her agent for service of process or any notice which may be issued by the Department. 5. If any holder of a certificate of compliance fails to keep any undertaking or condition made or imposed in connection therewith, the Department may suspend the certificate and conduct a hearing, giving the holder thereof a reasonable opportunity to appear and be heard on the question of vacating the suspension order or order finally revoking the certificate. 6. An applicant for a certificate of compliance must pay a fee of $50 to the Department for the certificate. On or before July 1 of each year, the certificate holder must renew the certificate by satisfying the conditions of the original certificate and paying a fee of $50 to the Department. [Part 14.1:160:1935; added 1945, 371; A 1947, 645; 1943 NCL § 3690.14a] + [Part 24:160:1935; A 1945, 371; 1943 NCL § 3690.24]--(NRS A 1975, 1710; 1981, 1011; 1995, 1042; 2005, 1325) NRS 369.111 "Supplier" defined. As used in this chapter, "supplier" means, with respect to liquor which is brewed, distilled, fermented, manufactured, rectified, produced or bottled: 1. Outside the United States: (a) The brewer, distiller, manufacturer, producer, rectifier, vintner or bottler of the liquor, or his or her designated agent; or (b) The owner of the liquor when it is first transported into any area under the jurisdiction of the United States Government, if the brewer, distiller, manufacturer, rectifier, producer, vintner or bottler of the liquor, or a designated agent of such a person, has not designated an importer to import the liquor into this State; 2. Within the United States but outside this State, the brewer, distiller, manufacturer, rectifier, producer, vintner or bottler of the liquor, or his or her designated agent; or 3. Within this State, the distiller, manufacturer, rectifier, producer or bottler of the liquor or his or her designated agent. (Added to NRS by 1981, 1009; A 2003, 971; 2005, 1324) NRS 597.210 Limitations on engaging in business of importing, wholesaling or retailing alcoholic beverages. 1. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 597.240, a person engaged in busine
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