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Restaurant Or Eating Place Statement In Support Of Renewal - Alaska

Restaurant Or Eating Place Statement In Support Of Renewal Form. This is a Alaska form and can be used in Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Statewide .
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Alcoholic Beverage Control Board 550 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 350 Anchorage, Alaska 99501 907 269-0350 Fax 907 272-9412 Restaurant or Eating Place Statement in support of Renewal of Liquor License issued under AS 04.11.100 License # ______________ Name of licensed premises: _____________________________ Gross receipts from the sale of food at the above licensed premises constituted at least 50 percent of the gross receipts of the business during the ________________ calendar license year as required under AS 04.11.100(e). Date __________________ Signature ________________________ (Licensee) Subscribed and sworn to before me this ______ day of ___________________, ______. ______________________________ Notary Public in and for Alaska My commission expires: _________ R/E10/99 American LegalNet, Inc.
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