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Application For Registration Of Brands-Wholesalers Of Alcoholic Liquors ABL-107-A - South Carolina

Application For Registration Of Brands-Wholesalers Of Alcoholic Liquors Form. This is a South Carolina form and can be used in Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Department Of Revenue Statewide .
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1350 STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF BRANDS/WHOLESALERS OF ALCOHOLIC LIQUORS Mail to: SC Department of Revenue, ABL Section, Columbia, SC 29214-0907. ABL-107A (Rev. 8/31/10) 4288 In accordance with Title 61, Chapter 6 Article 7, Code of Laws for SC, 1976, as amended, the Registered Producer noted below does hereby make application to register the following brands of alcoholic liquors for shipment into the State of South Carolina. Registered Producer/Importer Name: Address: List S.C. Alcohol License No.: Contact person: Telephone ( ) INSTRUCTIONS: You must list all labels/brands you intend to ship and the wholesaler you ship to. If additional space is needed, this form may be reproduced. Please attach copy of Federal Label approval for each label/brand listed. Brand Name (list full brand name) Proof Age Wholesaler FEES: There is no fee for the first five (5) initial labels/brands registered for this producer/importer. The fee for each additional brand over five is $20.00 per brand. Total fees submitted: 42881029 American LegalNet, Inc.
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