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Waiver Of Extradition As A Condition Of Bail Bond JDF 231 - Colorado

Waiver Of Extradition As A Condition Of Bail Bond Form. This is a Colorado form and can be used in Bail Bonds Statewide .
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District Court ___________________ County, Colorado Court Address: People of the State of Colorado v. Defendant: _____________________________ Attorney or Party Without Attorney (Name and Address): Phone Number: FAX Number: E-mail: Atty. Reg. #: COURT USE ONLY Case Number: Division Courtroom WAIVER OF EXTRADITION AS A CONDITION OF BAIL BOND PURSUANT TO ยง16-4-105, C.R.S. I __________________________________________ (name of Defendant) have been arrested for a Felony offense on ____________________________ (date) and as a condition of my bail bond consent to the following: 1. If I am arrested in another state, I can be returned to Colorado through the extradition process. 2. I will not resist or fight any effort by any state to return me to Colorado and waive all formal extraditions proceedings. 3. I understand I shall not be admitted to bail in any other state pending extradition to Colorado. 4. I agree to waive any right I may have to contest my extradition and I waive this right freely, voluntarily and intelligently. Date: ________________________________ __________________________________ Signature of Defendant __________________________________ Print Full Name I certify the foregoing Waiver of Extradition as a Condition of Bail Bond was executed and subscribed before me. Date: ________________________________ __________________________________ Signature __________________________________ Title JDF 231 R010/2015 WAIVER OF EXTRADITION AS A CONDITION OF BAIL BOND (1) COURT (2) DEFENDANT (3) JAIL American LegalNet, Inc.
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